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Live effects can be applied to whole objects or to specific elements of an object, including strokes and fills. InDesign CS3 also gains enhancements to the Transparency palette. Adjusting the transparency of an object in previous versions of InDesign affected all of the elements within that object. But now transparency can be adjusted on an element by element basis, including fill, stroke, and text.

Blending modes overlay, multiply, screen, etc. These blending options have been consolidated into the Effects palette. The last class of new creative features falls into the category of importing images and other elements into InDesign. First, InDesign CS3 allows you to assign fitting options to a picture box prior to importing fit content to frame, fit proportional, scale proportional and other options such as crop , and these parameters can be included in object styles to simplify the process of creating multiple picture boxes whose content needs to be scaled. It also now has a significant workflow-enhancing feature that allows you to import multiple elements of differing types PDFs, text files, images, etc.

When multiple objects are placed, a preview for the current object is displayed next to the cursor.

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You can then cycle through the objects using arrow keys to select the object you want to place. Clicking it onto a picture or text box then places it, and the next object in the queue is then displayed and ready for placement. You can also delete individual objects from the queue. It also supports undo, in case you accidentally place an element in the wrong container.

And this enhanced compatibility, combined with some obviously thoughtful coding, brings some pretty significant performance benefits to Illustrator CS3, particularly, again, on the Mac. Where before, on Intel-based Macs, Illustrator was a cumbersome, emulated, resource-hogging behemoth, the CS3 release sees it transformed into a true speed demon in most areas.

For the first test, I ran a series of transformations on an object that had a gradient applied to it. This included duplicating, rotating, and moving the object so that, in the end, I wound up with 3, gradient-filled objects spiraling out from the center of my canvas. Almost needless to say, this is an extremely taxing sequence of operations. But Illustrator CS3 has been fine-tuned in the area of transformations so that, now, such a sequence of commands took seven seconds to complete, compared with more than two minutes under Rosetta on the same Intel-based Mac and about a minute and a half on a comparably equipped dual 2 GHz G5 Mac in Illustrator CS2.

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So it's a dramatic improvement any way you look at it. Test 2, however, showed that Adobe has not paid as much attention to fine-tuning 3D performance in Illustrator. This test involved 3D objects with complex shading. The objects were duplicated, aligned, rotated, and duplicated multiple times. Illustrator CS3 came in behind Illustrator CS2 compared with all configurations except running in emulation mode under Rosetta. uses cookies.

For the final test, I created and duplicated more simple objects, then aligned and transformed them several times, rasterized them, and finally applied some Photoshop filters to them. Here are the numbers. Live Color is probably the most major. This is a suite of new color tools that includes a Color Guide palette, which provides you with color scheme suggestions based on a range of selected objects.

Like some other tools on the market, this allows you to generate harmonious or not so harmonious color schemes for elements on the canvas.

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Unlike other tools, it can generate these schemes based not just on a single starting color, but on the whole range of colors used in a selection, and apply those changes on the fly. To further refine color schemes, you can click and drag on handles in the color wheel, which will allow you to modify the colors while preserving the harmonies you've created or have been created for you.

You can also click over to the Assign tab in the palette and manually assign new colors to your objects based on the old colors. There are 23 predefined color scheme algorithms in Illustrator CS3, including simple complements, triads, tetrads, and more. Flash Integration Those who use Illustrator in conjunction with Flash will be delighted by new features in Illustrator that help the two apps get along much better.

The basic compatibility of Illustrator objects pasted or imported into Flash has been drastically improved. Illustrator objects pasted or imported into Flash used to have al kinds of problems. That's not the case anymore. Even 3D objects in Illustrator will be displayed properly when brought into Flash. No expansion or other types of modification to the 3D objects are required. Illustrator objects pasted or otherwise imported into Flash now maintain paths, anchor point positions, gradients, and clipping masks properly.

And object and layer grouping structures are also maintained. In addition, Illustrator shapes can be saved as symbols and pasted into Flash CS3 and manipulated as symbols. And text objects in Illustrator can be used in Flash and defined as "regular," "dynamic," or "input" text.

Illustrator CS3's revamped interface. The Control panel is context-sensitive, displaying relevant parameters and options based on the currently selected tool or object. The Crop Area tool provides you with an easy way to crop a document either interactively or using preset crop parameters based on paper size, output medium, etc. Isolation mode allows you, essentially, to prevent objects that you don't want to edit from being edited accidentally. To use this feature, you double-click on a group of objects, and all other objects become uneditable.

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Unfortunately, Adobe is still not offering a trial download. Also, Adobe has locked it's download servers at "trials-staging. Well these direct links to the trials still work, you might be able to fumble your way to a master collection if it is "online". Mac versions are just in a "Mac" directory instead of the "Win" one, changing the extension to ". Please, if yuou find direct link for master collection and production premium, share with us in here :. Adobe sells thousands of licenses to educational institutions for very, very low cost.

However, usually they don't work because of the required login. So I decided to try firefox with an add-on called DownThemAll. It works fine for me and the downloads suddenly became much bigger. Geez, software prices are horrible for young kids who want to pick up things like this to play around and learn.

Adobe should step up and offer something better. Back Page News Search In. Mini Spy. Google Chrome 82 will remove FTP support, set to affect 0. HP Laptop bycl and windows 7 drivers? Sign in to Neowin Faster! Sign In or Sign Up. The application is available on both Windows and Mac OS. The program is most often used for professional image and video editing. Installing CS3 can be done in one of two ways. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

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Learn more Method 1. Insert the CS3 CD into your disc drive. Right-click the disc drive where the CD is inserted.