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Pretty great, huh? No more confusing with the media formats. Depending on this, the tool would choose the codec and size. Once you are done, you can hit the Convert button and wait while Movavi Video Converter does the job. It also has a background mode, where the program will minimize to the System Tray.

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Movavi Video Converter will play a sound to let you know that the video has been converted. Just to give you an idea, I have used so many video converters for personal and professional needs. And, yet, something needs to be said:. There are a few reasons. First, Movavi Video Converter is a dedicated video converter with proper algorithms to support codecs and everything. Second, it makes use of SuperSpeed Conversion whenever possible. I added 10 videos in different size into the program, it just took several seconds to convert videos within MB, for those larger than MB and even up to 1 GB, it basically took me less than 5 minutes.

When I mean fastness, not only imply the conversion process, but also refer to its fast responsiveness. From the action to upload video, tweak settings, to detect accessible devices, this video converter can fast respond and navigate users accurately. We compared the source video and the output videos. The results were amazing.

Of course, there is the basic loss because of format change. But, apart from that, Movavi Video Converter keeps everything super-crispy. Compatibility is indeed the strongest point of Movavi Video Converter. There are two main things we loved in this sector. First, Movavi Video Converter introduces a brand-new way to choose the desired format. At these instances, you can search for your device in the database and select it. And, if you have connected your device via USB, Movavi Video Converter will recognize the device and choose the format for you.

Second, Movavi Video Converter offers in-depth support for a huge number of formats. Even if you narrow things down to a particular section — say Audio or Video —, there are hundreds of formats to choose from. It does not matter if you have an iPhone or a brand-new proprietary device, Movavi Video Converter will help you. In addition to this, Movavi Video Converter allows ample amount of customization for every format. When you have selected the output format, you can see a Settings icon near the name.

You can click on it and alter a few settings such as the codec being used, frame size, bitrate, etc. It is hardware-accelerated, meaning that GPU performance would be used for conversion. However, unlike the traditional mode of conversion, SuperSpeed preserves the quality. The best part of Movavi Video Converter is that it supports SuperSpeed conversion for a big number of popular devices and platforms.

More importantly, if you are converting a movie file, it is great to add subtitle while converting. It seems that the developers have included additional features that can really help us. This simple tool supports almost every audio and image formats out there. However, we thought a few things could make the software better. First of all, we expected more editing features in Movavi Video Converter. Also it would have been great if Movavi Video Converter had an option to convert YouTube and other online videos directly. This would be a great feature for those who want their favorite videos on their devices.

In case of Windows, you must be running XP or later. That essentially means almost every PC and Mac out there. Movavi Video Converter is available as a freemium product. You can download and use the limited free trial for as long as you want. The output video will have a watermark. Even after a comprehensive review, Movavi Video Converter remains the favorite pick of ours.

It packs some of the most-needed features for video converter and presents everything in a simple UI as well. Considering the number of features in the package, the whole deal is quite reasonable as well.

10 Best Free Video Converter for Mac to Convert Videos for Free

Altogether, you can never go wrong with Movavi Video Converter if you want a high-quality video converter with top compatibility and conversion speed. As we said earlier, even when not using the SuperSpeed profile, Movavi Video Converter allows you to convert videos without quality loss. Wondershare UniConverter is the revamped version of the software, packing more features than ever. Compared to Movavi and other options in the list, you can find more features in this package. Getting started with Wondershare UniConverter is extremely simple. Despite the higher number of functions it has, there is no confusion as far as the UI is concerned.

This results in a scenario where you have less conversion speed and quality. As you can see, the whole UI is split into a few sections and Converter is one of them. Under here, you will be able to add the files, select the format and hit the Convert button. Choosing the desired video format is a simple task though.

Just as we saw in the other area, Wondershare UniConverter too allows you to choose the device instead of winging the video format. You can also make edits to the insider format, changing the codecs and everything. You can also create custom presets if you want to have the best conversion experience eventually.

10 Best Video Converter Software for Mac - Top MacX Video Converter

We also found that Wondershare UniConverter deals batch conversions quite conveniently. Additional features are what make Wondershare UniConverter one of the best all-in-one solution out there. If we narrow down to editing, there are tons of options. You will be able to crop, split and even change video-based characteristics. All these are pretty useful for professionals out there, you know. Altogether, a powerful conversion engine and the additional features make Wondershare UniConverter the best choice for all-in-one needs. Waltr 2 is a different type of video converter you should check out.

Video converter is just one of the many names you can give it to the software. If you are someone who keeps transferring stuff to iPhone from your Mac, Waltr 2 would be a great alternative to iTunes. Instead, it is powered by a drag-and-drop interface. You can simply drop all the content you want to transfer to the iPhone or iPod. The best part? Everything will be saved in the right places. Say, videos in the Videos app and songs in Music. Waltr 2 basically solves one of the biggest problems with iTunes: incompatibility.

With the help of Waltr 2, it is possible to transcend the boundaries and stuff everything you want inside the iPhone.

Coming to the case of additional options, you can enable Wi-Fi connection and another one to enable lossless conversion of the content. Of course, Waltr 2 throws customizability out of the window, you know. The only thing you know is that anything you drag and drop will be made available in the iPhone, in a file format that works. For most people, this is more than what a video converter should do. MVC offers a 7-day free trial , but it only allows you to convert the first half of your video files.

A simple, easy to use interface. Movavi has correctly identified the fact that the source file has low volume. Clicking on the Low Volume warning opens the Audio section of the edit panel, with handy options for adjusting the volume, normalization to prevent blowing out your eardrums in extra loud sections, and even simple noise removal. A click on the Low Volume warning takes you to the Audio section of the Edit panel. As you can see, there is a wide range of editing options, including trimming, rotation, stabilization and a number of special effects and color adjustments.

You can also add in hard-coded subtitles or simple watermarks if you need to. As most casual video recorders are probably using their smartphones, perhaps the most useful is the non-conversion rotation feature. It allows you to correct your video orientation without having to convert it or losing any quality.

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The simple but effective editing tools strike just the right balance against a dedicated video editor, saving you the trouble of adding another program to your software toolkit. Handbrake began as a project by developer Eric Pettit, who wrote the first version of the software back in The interface is fairly simple, and positively clear compared to most free software. At least, the interface is fairly simple at first. Generally, the layouts are identical although items have been slightly rearranged in a couple of spots to be grouped more logically. There is a decent range of device profiles, and you can always ignore them or modify them as needed.

If you want to make any adjustments to your video, Handbrake offers a few options, although mostly they have to do with the quality and nature of the video itself. There are no options for trimming, although you can do basic rotation, noise removal, and grayscale conversion. The idea that Deinterlacing is more important or more commonly used than rotation is amusing, but still, free software is free and the Handbrake team are champions for putting in all this work!

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  7. Handbrake does offer some extremely basic batch conversion options, but you have to apply the same conversion options to each file you process. It provides fast, high-quality conversions and supports a decent range of file formats. Note for Handbrake Users with Nvidia G-Sync Monitors: During testing of the Windows version, I noticed that my G-Sync monitor was refreshing very oddly and flickering when the Handbrake window was active or moved around the screen. It turns out the truth is much stranger — and arguably worse.

    Aimersoft, Wondershare and another developer known as iSkySoft are actually all the same company, offering the same software. Read more about them here. You could easily click on a search ad with the title of another program and end up at the Wondershare website. Ethics matter! Wondershare was very close to winning the best video converter award.

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    This is a shame, because the software does video conversion very well, and it also includes a number of helpful extras such as an online video downloader, a screen recorder, and a media server for sharing your files to DNLA-equipped televisions or other devices. Wondershare Video Converter is no exception, which is a refreshing change from some of the other video converters I reviewed. Windows version interface. Mac version interface. The setting up the video conversion process is incredibly simple and only involves a few clicks. If you want to do a little bit of basic video editing before starting the conversion process, the controls are available right below the video thumbnail.

    You can trim out sections using the scissors icon, or use the crop icon to access rotation controls. You can also apply various effects to the video, add a watermark, add subtitles, and adjust the volume. AVS Video Converter is a decent, lightweight program that handles basic video conversion for a range of popular formats, although it was one of the slower converters that I tested. AVS includes a surprisingly good track-based editor as well, which offers basic trimming as well as a basic selection of video and audio effects.

    You may also want to read our AVS video editor review here. While the Prism interface is a bit dated by modern standards, the layout is simple and effective. It includes a basic range of popular device presets, although it can convert to a much larger range of formats if you know the exact specifications you need. It would probably be a better design choice to increase the native window size a bit and put some of these settings a bit more out in the open.

    It took me a bit of time to find out where to apply the few editing options that are available, located in the file menu for some reason. The editing options seem like something of an afterthought, but after a bit of digging it turns out that the makers of Prism also sell a couple of other programs which they all cross-promote.