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The paid security products include an updated Folder Shield, which cordons off key files from ransomware attack. It takes about 2 minutes to set it up to shield critical files such as tax records or family photos.

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Trend Micro's Mute Mode stops updates, popups and scans. For a computer that's overwhelmed by malware, you can create a Trend Micro rescue disk on a DVD or USB drive to reboot and clean the computer or use the company's free HouseCall programs. All three of Trend Micro's paid Windows antivirus products use the same underlying malware scanning technology, differing only in the extra features they offer. Trend Micro's malware-detection engine was a top performer in recent lab tests, rivaled overall only by Kaspersky Lab and Norton.

In tests done at our lab in Utah, Trend Micro found every threat, putting it in the same class as McAfee and a step ahead of Kaspersky Lab at 98 percent and Bitdefender at 99 percent. Trend Micro had a perfect score in November-December tests run by German lab AV-TEST, detecting percent of both brand-new zero-day malware and known widespread malware without registering a single false positive. Trend Micro likewise stopped all malware in the previous three rounds of AV-TEST evaluations, though it did garner one or two false positives in each round. Trend Micro blocked percent of online malware in four of those months, dropping to Kaspersky had zero false positives, and Bitdefender only two, during that same period, but both had lower overall protection rates.

Trend Micro had the highest protection rate overall.

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Likewise, Trend Micro did very well in tests run by England's SE Labs in the last quarter of , blocking percent of all malware and flagging only 2 percent of legitimate files as possible malware. Only Kaspersky and Microsoft's own Windows Defender did better, avoiding any false positives. Trend Micro did nearly as well in SE Labs' previous two rounds, blocking all downloadable malware but failing to stop a couple of targeted attacks. It was second place to Kaspersky in one round, and second place to Norton in the other.

Trend Micro Internet Security suite adds a file shredder, a system optimizer and a privacy scanner that checks social-network and web-browser security settings.

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Parental controls let you place nudity, gambling and dating sites off limits, block images and set time limits for web access. Trend Micro Maximum Security incorporates file encryption, a password manager and a cloud-storage scanner to check Dropbox and OneDrive for malware. Trend Micro doesn't come with its own firewall, but there is a firewall "booster" to beef up the Windows one. Nor is there webcam protection, backup software, online file storage or a VPN client , which are frequently offered by other antivirus brands.

There is a virtual keyboard, but it's used only by the password manager. All that great protection comes at a cost. Trend Micro Maximum Security caused the biggest performance slowdowns during active scans of any antivirus software we've tested. To measure the system-performance Impact , we used our custom benchmark test, which measures how long a computer's CPU takes to match 20, names and 20, addresses in an OpenOffice spreadsheet.

The Asus had a baseline completion time of 6 minutes and 50 seconds on the OpenOffice test.

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After we installed Trend Micro Maximum Security, but before any active scanning took place, that completion time rose to This small 3. Things went the other way during active scans. The completion time on our OpenOffice benchmark rose by It rose 37 percent, to an average of , during quick scans. You would definitely notice the former slowdown during routine computer use.

Trend Micro's first full scan took 45 minutes and 15 seconds to look at , files, but by the third full scan the completion time was reduced to after the malware engine learned what to ignore.

Trend Micro Antivirus Review - Does it Actually Work?

Battery, and Duplicate Finder collected and uploaded a small snapshot of the browser history on a one-time basis, covering the 24 hours prior to installation. This was … done for security purposes to analyze whether a user had recently encountered adware or other threats.

To that end, we are currently reviewing and re-verifying the user disclosure, consent processes and posted materials for all Trend Micro products. Most of their Mac OS X apps have been kicked out by Apple after it was discovered they were collecting and sending out private information. What happens now to cases where users have issued a GDPR [subject access] request for their data? TrendMicro need to suffer for this.

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Why does such an app need that information? No one spotted this? How can you call yourself a security company? First one I picked off the list. What other "minor configuration" issues do they have on their sites?

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Erwin Geirnaert and friends think not : In … what we found is … Trend Micro scans any webpage you visit in their datacenter, including protected pages like Dropbox links, financial pages. So if you receive a link to confidential information, for example your salary slip or an Excel with your customers that is not protected with authentication but only protected with a session key in the URL they have full access to the data.

So they definitely know what you're browsing.

Trend Micro apps labeled spyware, banned from Mac app store

How else do you think they stay in business? And finally … Top 5 DJ Mistakes. Join the conversation. Explore this content portal to learn more about solutions that can help your security operations team take on cybersecurity threats. Peers and Micro Focus experts share best practices and solutions to help you secure what matters most.

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