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Followed your process to force re-index.

Controlling the Spotlight indexing on Mac OS X | Vahan's Blog

Now I can type in some letters to Spotlight without it crashing. Just waiting to re-index. After reindexing, it will find some, but not all when searching. This was not a problem until I came back from vacation with my computer sleeping for about 11 days. I followed the instructions i. However, when I keyed in an item to search for, the Spotlight results window appeared together with the indexing progress bar.

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I closed system preferences, went to Activity Monitor and killed the Spotlight process. Spotlight starts back up again, but now I was able to remove the HD from the privacy list in System Preferences. So far so good! Man, this is frustrating. I cannot add my external drives, nor can I add my Mac HD.

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I have My searchlight used to be so useful and fast, and now I must manually locate old files…. The method illustrated on the top of this page is also what I was told to do at genius bar, but am unable to drag hard drive into the privacy tab window. Am I doing something wrong? You have to add it to the list, close the window, come back to it and remove it. It will work at that time. This is typically worse after reboots between major file system changes when the index is rebuilt, a major system update, or when another hard drive full of stuff is connected to the Mac.

Typically […]. I believe this used to work for me, but like others here, it now does nothing. Even with closing the entire System Preferences in between and then coming back in to removing Macintosh HD. I am using a Macbook Air 1.

OS X 10.7.5 Lion MacBook - Spotlight keeps re-indexing all the time

I have nothing in the spotlight privacy box. Reindexing Spotlight and rebuilding the Spotlight index will take quite a while on a big hard drive with a lot of files, so let it complete. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Rebuild the Spotlight Index Jan 17, - 37 Comments.

How to Rebuild Spotlight Index - MacOs (Mac OS X)

August 11, at am. August 12, at am. Sergitus says:. November 23, at pm. Rohan says:. November 14, at pm.

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Tim says:. September 28, at am. Brenda Stanfield says:. As an example, if I wanted to turn Spotlight indexing off for my startup drive, the command would be:.

Terminating the Spotlight Process on a Mac

If I wanted to turn indexing off for my Time Machine drive , which is named Tardis, the command would be:. After executing the command by pressing enter or return, you may be asked for your administrator password. Enter the password at the prompt, and then hit enter or return. Tip : Instead of typing out the path to the volume, you can drag the volume into Terminal, and the pathname will be added to the command. For example, if I wanted to turn indexing off for my Tardis volume, I would enter sudo mdutil -I off into Terminal, and then drag the Tardis volume into Terminal.

Force Spotlight to Re-index a Volume Every once in a blue moon you may find Spotlight gets stuck indexing a volume. This can take the form of having the indexing function continue for a very long time, with no end in sight. The usual cause for this problem is a corrupt metadata store associated with the volume being indexed.

To correct the issue, you can delete the file that stores the metadata. The metadata stores are located in a folder at the root of each volume with an index, and are named. The name includes a period at the beginning, indicating the folder is invisible and will not normally be displayed in the Finder or Terminal. Deleting the metadata store can force Spotlight to create a new one, and start the indexing process over again.

There are two methods I will show you for forcing the file to be deleted and re-indexing to start. You can view the indexing status bar by opening Spotlight and entering character or two. If Spotlight is indexing, a status bar will be included in the results. Wait about a minute for all the related Spotlight processes to quit, and then remove the volume from the Privacy tab.

This will cause a new index to be created. Re-indexing With Terminal The mdutil utility includes a command that will erase the current metadata store file, and then restart the indexing process. Share Tweet. How To. Nintendo Switch brings Nintendo back in the Spotlight.

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