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Got Lion und have a similar problem. The zip file is not! Any ideas why? Is there a remedy to this? Seems easier to just use Stuffit, Unarchiver, or any number of the other free GUI utilities out there. Meanwhile on my Lion machine I get a file of zero length when Unarchiver is finished ie only the encryption part of this is working.

Password protecting zips does indeed work in Mavericks, you must follow the instructions. Before ZIPping, set the permissions for the folder so that you, the user, can read and write in the Get Info panel. I have Lion as well, instead of zip -e use zip -ejr.

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Otherwise it will only archive the folder itself without its contents, which is not exactly useful. It created an encrypted zip file that opened just fine.

Set a Zip Password in Mac OS X

However, the encrypted file was saved in the top level of my User folder. Two questions:. Good tip for casual use. Using openssl for encryption would be a better choice for anything truly sensitive to prying eyes. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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2 Ways to Password Protect Zip Files on Mac (Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra)

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How to Password Protect Folders in MacOS

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How to encrypt and password protect folders on Mac

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Step 2: Go to source folder location

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