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The free version is limited in terms of features, but the pro version allows you to do many things with your images. You can add text or image watermarks, choose batch images, add QR codes to your images, customize your watermarks the way you want, and so on. When you think your image is ready you can preview it to see if everything went well. If not, just re-do the image and get it perfected the way you want it.

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The app exists for both Windows and Mac. The above apps should help you do exactly that on your Mac. Do let us know which app worked the best for you! Skip to content. Here are five such apps that do watermarking for you on your Mac: 1. Is this article useful? Arclab is a bit limited in terms of what watermarks you can apply, but for most purposes, a couple of text and graphic layers combined with metadata information is all you really need.

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Setting up your watermark is quick and easy, and there is a decent range of options for how you can style and customize it. TSR has some interesting integration options during the saving process, including the ability to upload to a WordPress website or an FTP server. Mass Watermark is another solid choice for a basic watermarking program. Even without using this portion of the program, you can still apply basic text and image watermarks to batches of images in all the most common file types.

Mass Watermark has a couple of unique options for storing your photos, including automatic ZIP file creation, and built-in uploading to the photo-sharing website Flickr. It also offers the ability to upload to Picasa, but this is clearly out of date since Google has retired Picasa and converted everything to Google Photos.

The free trial version of the software is adequate for testing purposes, but the Mass Watermark logo is forced onto every image that you process using the trial version. Yet another program that seems intent on sacrificing user interface, Star Watermark Pro makes some strange choices, such as hiding the actual watermark setup section.

This makes the attempt at streamlining backfire, although it might be helpful once you actually get your watermark templates configured. The real question is — where do you actually set up your watermark? The tiny gear icon in the bottom left is where all the actual watermark configuration is done, although there is nothing to actually indicate this at first.

Once you get into the template configuration, you can apply basic text and image watermarks, but nothing more. I found it quite irritating to use, although it does a decent job at basic text watermarks. Trying to read this makes my eyes hurt. The interface is simple enough, and it handles batches of images quite well. Among the many unexpected features is the ability to add clip-art watermarks, although why anyone would want to do this is beyond me.

You can also apply various effects to your images, such as blurring, pixelation and color adjustments, but all of those things are better done using a proper image editing program. The program loads slowly, the user interface is tiny and the features are quite limited. That being said, the utter simplicity of the watermarking features actually makes for a better user experience.

There are no confusing options to bog you down — you simply choose your images, set your basic text watermark and run the batch. The Freeware Lite version does a decent job at extremely basic watermarking, but it limits you to watermarking one image at a time.

List of the Best Watermarking Software for Mac

If you only have a couple of images to work with, and you only want to add your name in plain text, this might do the job, but there are better options out there. Hopefully, these reviews have helped you to choose the best watermarking software for your specific situation — so get your work out there and share your images with the world!

I am the developer of uMark. Thanks for reviewing us.

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  4. 3 Best Free photo watermark software for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac.

I am a bit heartbroken that uMark did not win. We gotta do more. I would like to point out that the emails you receive after installing uMark are indeed about tutorials and not marketing emails. Immediately after installing — Welcome email with some basic tips Day 1 — 7 uses of watermarking Day 2 — Best possible text watermark combination Day 3 — About watermark tiling Day 4 — Marketing email about HexaVault our password manager app Day 5 — Using saved watermarks Day 6 — Creating Getty style watermarks Day 7 — Creating Nat Geo style watermarks Day 8 — Using watermark macros Day 14 — Reminder about trial expiring and pitch for buying pro version.

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As you can see the emails introduce one feature of uMark every day. Each email includes an unsubscribe link which immediately stops any future emails. We sometimes get emails from users thanking us for sending these emails. The app offers 4 types of watermark , namely: image, script, text, date stamp. Each of this type can be adjusted manually according to your wishes, also you can easily choose the desired location of your watermark and rotate it under a certain angle.

Even more, PhotoBulk allows you to keep the size of the watermark proportional according to every single input image when working in bulk. The app has a very user-friendly interface with a live view mode so you can see how everything will look like before submitting the editing. Adobe Photoshop is a multifunctional editor for working with photos and video files raster images and several vector tools. With the help of this photo editor, you can not only correct and retouch images, but also convert shapes, save GIF animations, use layers and effects. These functions allow you to easily transform, clone, enhance images, apply various filters to create colorful pictures.

In addition, it works as an excellent watermark app for Mac allowing you to apply text and logo to the photos. However, you would need some time to get used to it and figure out how it works. WaterMarquee is an online watermark image solution that allows you to put watermarks on a great number of images at once. With the help of this app you can specify the location of your stamp, the degree of transparency, the size, select watermark templates, select the font, color, and enter the displayed text or load your drawing for the watermark.

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In case, if you download many images at once, these settings will be applied to all automatically. WaterMarquee is another watermarking software Mac users would find rather useful. It is extremely easy to use. The app can work both with single images as well as with multiple images at the same time that can dramatically save your time. However, please note that you can upload only photos and drawings, no more than 1 megabyte in size.

Well, it cannot be considered as a great disadvantage, as large photos are rarely used for posting on the web in blogs or articles. This watermark application for Mac allows you to overlay watermarks on digital images and photos.