Importerror no module named setuptools.command mac

December 16th, 2.

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Join Date Mar Location U. Beans Hidden! Distro Ubuntu Re: Issue with setuptools in Python3 To avoid you having to "trash your Ubuntu installation", if it helps you, the package installs o. For some reason "security token missing" I can't post the full installation log in code block. Here is mine.. December 17th, 3. Re: Issue with setuptools in Python3 Thanks dragonfly December 17th, 4. Re: Issue with setuptools in Python3 I simply downloaded M nemosyne My I have myself quite a few problems switching between python2.

I note that in your installation python3 --version command shows 3. Do you have multiple python installations?

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Some more commands to try.. December 18th, 5. Re: Issue with setuptools in Python3 Well, when I first came upon this problem, I started searching for answers. Not that I get it all now, but when I started I knew even less! Python 3. You seem to using an Anaconda environment.

QuickTip: How Do I Install pip on macOS or OS X?

Did you start with Anaconda2 or Anaconda3 or does it matter? Mabe you meant:. Java has been getting regular updates on current macOS. In the. Please try it with a JDK 8 from Oracle. Not sure if it can work with a JDK greater then 8.

ImportError: ни один модуль с именем setuptools.command в Mac OS X в virtualenv

Also OpenJDK can make problems. Unable to install snappy - jpy problem? This is the install directory. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Installing snappy - jpy problems. Unable to correctly install snappy for python. The authors of Pyramid tend not to use the system Python for development purposes; always a self-compiled one.

To compile software on your UNIX system, typically you need development tools. Often these can be installed via the package manager. For example, this works to do so on an Ubuntu Linux system:. You may also need to download and install the Python for Windows extensions. This can be done by using the virtualenv package.

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Using a virtualenv will also prevent Pyramid from globally installing versions of packages that are not compatible with your system Python. To set up a virtualenv in which to install Pyramid , first ensure that setuptools or distribute is installed. If import setuptools raises an ImportError as it does above, you will need to install setuptools or distribute manually.

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Below we tell you how to do both. Once this command is invoked, setuptools should be installed on your system. If the command fails due to permission errors, you may need to be the administrative user on your system to successfully invoke the script. To remediate this, you may need to do:. Instead, you can use distribute , which is a fork of setuptools that does work on Python 3.

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Once this command is invoked, distribute should be installed on your system. Python 3.

Issue with setuptools in Python3

We however suggest using virtualenv instead, which works well with Python 3.