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Nike began in the early 70s as a company built to serve the specific needs of track athletes. After rapid growth and branching out into other sport-specific models, Nike needed to branch out. In the mids, Americans were hitting the gym and shaping up in record numbers, so the boys from Beaverton needed to crank out models to serve as multi-purpose kicks that could handle the treadmill, medicine ball, and asphalt all at once.

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In , the iconic Nike Air Trainer 1 was born, and that shoe launched a line that later bore the signature of the ultimate cross-athlete, Bo Jackson. Book Again Book your next course at your convenience. Activate Membership Store locator. For full terms and conditions please click here. Getting to know your Mac, iPod or iPad just got easier. Forgotten your password?

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However, these were so tight that they were hard to ignore. The "Round Mound of Rebound's" kicks of choice. These shoes are a little utilitarian but stylish—kinda like Chuck. A little sleeker than the Jordan IX.

I'm not crazy about the color combos but it could also be because this was out when Jordan was swinging a baseball bat and wearing No. Instant classic.

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They are Jordan's famous jersey number in the line, and the final numbered shoe in the series. One of the first Nike basketball shoes to use the high ankle strap. The see-through air bubble was also pretty huge at the time. Great shoe for big men. This was one of the kicks repped by Chris Webber before he decided to wear those awful shiny Dada shoes and attempt to blind Shaq at the free throw line at an All-Star Game. These are from Mike's first run with the Wizards.

Very comfortable and outstanding ankle support. A solid shoe that seem to be very popular for big men or any post players. A strap provides extra ankle support for if you come down on someone else's foot grabbing a board. These KG signature kicks had a robotic look to them.

Air Jordan

A very light and modern take on the hard-working skills of Kevin Garnett. Excellent basketball shoe. It came with a strap that actually came off the shoe. These kicks were mainly used on the college level. Another Iverson signature shoe from Reebok. Extremely comfortable and great style. Jesus Shuttlesworth wore them in He Got Game , and you had a pair in middle school if you were a ball player.

This shoe had a piece of hardwood in every pair! The strap seemed a bit much but it did serve a purpose. The shoe had a buckle locking system; it was futuristic and high-performing. They fit Gary Payton "like a glove. Great shoe.

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This was when Jordan Brand was starting to distance itself slightly from its parent company, Nike. Super comfortable shoe, and the design etched in on the lace cover is astonishing. Very light and comfortable with an ankle support strap just for good measure. Although this shoe came out during MJ's second retirement it was still a great shoe.


It came with a laces cover that was removable to give the option for ballers who like to change it up. The very first basketball shoe produced by Nike only makes it as high as 62 on our list. While it was a groundbreaking piece of equipment at the time, I'm glad to see how fast Nike has improved its products thus far. This shoe came out the same year as the first Air Jordan. It may have gotten drowned out by the J's but it is still a stylish, strong-performing shoe.

A shoe designed for a speedy guard, the different color combinations made this pair of kicks really worth it. A awesome shoe for point guards. A spinoff of J-Kidd's shoe, it held up on the court and had some serious style.

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Worn by KG, among others, this was a self-contained shoe that looked like a futuristic sock more than anything. One of Tim Duncan's shoes. If it was good enough for TImmy, it might be good enough to help your fundamentals. This shoe was on every court when it first came out.