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Apple does not provide instructions for end users to upgrade the hard drive in the Mac mini, and considers neither the hard drive nor the memory to be a "customer installable part" and instead warns that the hard drive should only be replaced or upgraded by an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. As Apple does not consider the hard drive to be a "customer installable part", EveryMac.

Given the small and densely packed nature of the Intel-based Mac mini models this is not the ideal system to upgrade yourself without previous experience upgrading the hard drive in similar systems. However, experienced users who are able to upgrade the memory need not be concerned about replacing the hard drive, as both procedures are of similar difficulty. Essentially, once the computer is disassembled, you need to merely unscrew two screws on the bottom and two screws on the side of the hard drive that attach the drive to the "interior cage" and slide it out.

Although it directly explains memory installation, this video covering " pre -Early " models -- the original Intel Early , Late , and Mid models -- from Apple Specialist CityMac is likely to be useful for the hard drive as well:. Between the four, you have a variety of sound track options and text and verbal instruction options from which to choose.

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AppleFritter also has a photo "take apart guide" which directly covers hard drive installation. Please note that all of the above cover models released prior to the "Early " line. Although the overall procedure for the "Early " and "Late " models is similar to the upgrade procedure for earlier models, there are a handful of interior differences, particularly with regards to antenna and power cable placement.

Mac mini Colo provides photos of the " Early " and " Late " models that can be used to upgrade the hard drive, as does iFixit , and Other World Computing provides a video:. Other World Computing provides a video to upgrade both of the hard drives in the Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.

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Site sponsor Other World Computing sells hard drives compatible with all Intel-based Mac mini models -- and every other Mac -- and provides a professional upgrade service for the Mac mini as well. This screw is the longest of the four screws securing the internal frame to the bottom case. Remove the Phillips screw near the audio ports securing the internal frame to the bottom case.

Gently lift the internal frame up from the bottom housing, minding the AirPort antenna and any other cables that may get caught.

It may be necessary to pull up near the interconnect board to separate it from the logic board. Remove the two Phillips screws securing the side of the hard drive to the internal frame. Remove the two Phillips screws securing the bottom of the hard drive to the internal frame. Use your thumbs to slide the hard drive toward the speaker, disconnecting it from the interconnect board.

During reinstallation, it may be helpful to move the cables away from the SATA connector and to hold the internal frame upside down while supporting the hard drive to help seat it in its connector. If you are installing a new hard drive, we have an OS X install guide to get you up and running. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: The foam on the harddrive is attached with an adhesive tape - be careful to peel up the tape from the harddrive, rather than the foam from the tape.

I seemed to succeed - until I discovered my optical drive had broken. Disks do not mount, after some tries they eject. A cleaning DVD and compressed gas didn't fix it.

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I wonder if it would be wise to seal the opening to the optical drive -- certainly before cleaning. There are three sets of wires, include the speaker pair. I reversed the positioning of these with respect to the SSD, i. I turned it back on, and no more high frequency whining whenever the drive is active. Help Translate iFixit.

Upgrade or replace the hard drive in a Mac Mini

Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required 30 minutes - 2 hours. Sections 3. Flags 0. Introduction Upgrade your hard drive for more storage capacity. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Video Overview. Step 1 Top Housing. One comment.

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