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Ultimately, Apple's claim that the "Late " Mac mini line offers "new levels of graphics performance" is reasonable, but with a marginal performance increase in single core tasks and a massive performance drop in multicore tasks compared to their predecessors, it is difficult to get excited about the overall performance of these models. There are many places to purchase a used or new Mac mini.

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2012 Mac mini: Individual application scores

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Please refer to the Ultimate Mac Comparison feature to dynamically compare the Geekbench performance of any Mac mini model to any other G3 or later Mac. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated. Contact - EveryMac. Specifically, you'll need a driver for a TR6 Torx security screw. Additionally, while Apple has returned the upgradable RAM found on the and Mac mini, the upgradable storage is gone.

How to increase the performance of my late 2012 Mac Mini?

In the model, you could remove the included Fusion drive Apple's hybrid SSD and hard-disk storage solution and replace it with an aftermarket SSD, boosting the performance of the machine and extending the life of the Mac mini — which many people found necessary in the long wait for this year's update.

In the model, that option is gone. The PCIe-connected SSD is soldered to the logic board, making the flash storage modules all but impossible to remove and replace. The good news is that, thanks to the bandwidth offered by the Thunderbolt 3 ports found on the rear panel of the system, you can connect external storage — even at jaw-dropping capacities — and use it without taking a hit on performance.

Similarly, while there's no configuration for the Mac mini that offers a discrete graphics card, you can also bump up the horsepower for gaming and other graphics-intensive uses by adding an external graphics card enclosure , also connected via Thunderbolt 3. Those Thunderbolt 3 ports offer a huge amount of connectivity, thanks to speeds of up to 40Gbps.

It's enough to connect two 4K displays, and you can also use an external GPU, not to mention all manner of storage and peripherals. If you need even more speed for connecting a local network or network-attached storage, the Ethernet port can actually be configured as a 10 Gigabit connection, instead.

It's a very cool business-friendly feature that media pros will appreciate, but won't be much use to the average user. And, it wouldn't be Apple without dropping a connection or two. While you get more connectivity overall with the new Mac mini, you do lose the SDXC card slot from the model. Every configuration of the Mac mini is outfitted with quad-core Intel 8th-generation processors and all flash storage. Apple has been promoting the dramatic improvements in performance from the previous Mac mini, but those claims ring a little hollow when you consider that the last Mac mini update was in , and that the previous system was still rocking fourth-generation dual-core processors.

During usage, I saw plenty to like. When web browsing, I could browse with 15 tabs open, while also streaming music and video. I never experienced any lag. This chip serves as a co-processor, providing secure boot capability and full disk encryption. Apple also boasts that the T2 allows faster video transcoding, claiming up to 30 times faster HEVC video encoding than the model was able to offer. Whenever we test a Mac, we're limited because several of our standard tests are not Mac-OS-compatible. However, in the tests we were able to run, we saw some excellent performance from the Core i3 Mac mini.

File transfer speeds were fast enough that I did a double take.

I took 2 seconds to copy over our 4. In fact, it's identical to another member of the Mac family, the workstation iMac Pro, which had the same 2 second, 2, MBps speeds. Processing performance was nowhere near as dramatic, but it's still fairly impressive coming from an Intel Core i3 CPU. In Geekbench 4, the Mac Mini managed a score of 13, points.

Running the JetStream 1. That's phenomenal for a Core i3-based system.

Benchmark tests show new iPad Pro models outperform MacBook Pro in some CPU & GPU tasks - 9to5Mac

If you plan to use the Mac mini as a home theater PC for streaming to a TV, or as a basic productivity machine that uses web apps heavily, you'll be set with one of the best mini PCs on the market, even in this basic configuration. I was wrong. Even after I streamed video, ran benchmark tests and used the system to work on this review, the Mac mini never got warmer than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only 15 degrees above the room temperature of our lab.

That's barely enough heat for it to feel warm to the touch. It's well below the degree comfort threshold we hold laptops to, and it's significantly cooler than the HP Z2 Mini G4 94 degrees.

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Compared with smaller, less powerful mini PCs, like the Zotac Zbox PI pico, which hit degrees during testing, and there's no comparison. The Mac mini is one cool customer. Even after I streamed video, ran benchmark tests, and used the system to work on this review, the Mac mini never got warmer than 85 degrees. The Iris further improves those numbers, beating the HD by 98 percent in the T-Rex test and about 45 percent in the Cinebench test.

Scores in the heavier GFXBench Manhattan test improve as well, though by a much smaller margin—obviously the amount you stand to gain will vary from game to game and task to task.

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  7. The new Mini has 48 percent better write speeds and These numbers may vary somewhat from unit to unit, since Apple sources SSDs from a variety of manufacturers. Spring for the Fusion Drive no matter which model you buy—the way the technology works ensures that you'll usually see the SSD speeds rather than the slow HDD speeds. Saddling a new computer with an HDD in is cruel to consumer and computer alike. Power consumption under GPU load is a bit higher because of the powerful Iris GPU we'd expect power consumption numbers for the HD to be somewhere in between our and Minis.

    Apple says the new Mini is "the world's most energy-efficient desktop. He also records a weekly book podcast called Overdue. Twitter AndrewWrites You must login or create an account to comment. The Mac Mini on top of the Mac Mini. Or, wait, is it the other way around? Andrew Cunningham.