Create new facetime account on mac

How to set up and make a FaceTime call from your Mac, and chat with up to 32 people at once

FaceTime uses your Address Book contacts to make calls. The righthand panel lists or your contacts directly from the Address Book.

Select any of your contacts and their details will appear on the right along with the phone number and email address. Once the call is connected, your own video image is shown as as a small window overlaid on the main display.

How to Make Group FaceTime Calls from Mac

If you move your mouse away from the call, the controls i. The FaceTime window can be resized or even switched to fullscreen mode. If the iPhone user rotates their phone the display also expands to match the sideways-on aspect ratio as shown below. FaceTime is undoubtedly a very well-implemented and slick video calling app which works seamlessly between Apple devices and the Mac. Making and receiving calls is a breeze — just click the contacts you want to dial and FaceTime makes the call.

Use FaceTime on your Mac

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How to add contacts to a Mac Address Book and FaceTime for Mac

FaceTime works from Mac to Mac as well. You need OS X version You can do a lot in FaceTime beyond the basics:.

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Change orientation. When you get a call from an iPhone or an iPod touch, the call window on your Mac rotates if the caller changes the orientation of his device. Resize the video call window.

About FaceTime

Choose the command again to revert to the standard-size window. As with any window, you can expand it by dragging a window edge, and you can go full-screen during a call. Pause a call.