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Ditto with external audio: The Sony NEX-5's internal stereo mics do an excellent job of recording sound, and the proprietary Sony external stereo mic will likely do ever better.

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Video enthusiasts will miss the option of connecting external mic systems equipped with standard 3. On a positive note, though, the NEX-5 does better recording under limited- or low-light conditions than most of its competition. At the end of the day, the Sony NEX-5's video capabilities are a good match for its target markets: On the one hand, it'll be amply adequate for the average consumer who wants to record video, but doesn't want to learn learn the fine art of focus-pulling to do so.

It should also be adequate for advanced still shooters drawn to the camera's good still image quality, but who want to record occasional videos with better quality and less hassle than a second-camera digicam would provide. The night scene above right is a pretty dark shot, captured under slightly dimmer than average city street lighting.

Some cameras can manage it, albeit with a fair bit of noise; some can handle it cleanly, but produce very dark videos. The Sony NEX-5 managed to get very usable detail, albeit at the cost of some noise and minor focus-hunting. Its overall performance was better than anything else anywhere near its price range, though. I started the camera rolling after Charlotte had rounded the corner and was already heading back. None of the video here is wonderfully-sharp looking, thanks to the file compression and many areas of subtle contrast.

Which get compressed more. This is 15 frames into the clip a half-second after the previous shot. While still looking soft from the compression, the camera is tracking very well. Note the sharp individual grass blades, where they stand out against Charlotte's shadow; the compression tends to leave high-contrast edges alone. Around frame 28 a quarter-second or so following the prior shot, the camera is a bit behind Charlotte, as it hunts for focus.

Grass blades behind her are sharper than those under her feet. Just five frames later, though, the camera is back at proper focus. Details in Charlotte's face are really stepped on by the compression, but note how crisp the high-contrast elements on the frisbee are. A third of a second later frame 53 , Charlotte's quite a bit closer to the camera, and it's starting to lose her again. Her fur isn't a whole lot softer than in the prior crop, but the logo is only just starting to go out of focus.

The camera had her face back in good focus again very quickly after she came to a stop. The camera and Charlotte were both still moving quite a lot, literally just a couple of frames before this one. Re-acquiring focus in just a couple of frames is pretty impressive. The prior sequence was the best focus tracking we saw with Charlotte, obtained after I took particular care to keep her at the center of the frame.

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On several other runs, it seemed to be tracking behind her, but we discovered it was most likely just a matter of it focusing on the grass rather than Charlotte. We tried a human subject and found that the camera tracked perfectly. This is about 2 seconds into the clip, and only a quarter-second or so after the crop on the left, so Chris was approaching the camera pretty rapidly at this point. We again see the overall softness from the image compression, but the logos on his shirt are about as crisp as they can get.

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A bit over a third of a second 23 frames later, the camera is still maintaining excellent focus tracking. Chris is quite close to the camera and approaching rapidly, making this a very tough AF challenge. Another 7 frames a bit over a tenth of a second , and Chris is now getting really close. Not surprisingly, this was about the point at which the NEX-5 finally started to lose tracking.

Pretty impressive, that it could track this well! Rapid panning brings the usual loss of image detail. In fairness, though, some of the loss here is from motion blur, and in any case, the lack of detail isn't terribly noticeable when you watch at full speed on an HDTV. Again, this shot is close to a toss-up: I think Charlotte and the camera were moving slightly less here than in the AVCHD shots above, so some of the difference may be motion blur. Not a huge difference either way, though. We frankly need some standardized test shots for video detail: We had the distinct impression that the Sony NEX-5's video wasn't as sharp as that from some of the competition, but it's hard to prove with such widely varying content.

Check out the squirrely noise pattern in the road at upper right. If you only want low-res videos for web use, you'd probably do better with a digicam We did find the Sony NEX-5 much more capable of night video than its competitors.

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AVCHD in particular did a good job of preserving detail. While this night video would be usable for family memory purposes if you spent a lot of time at a nearly deserted Starbucks , there was a fair bit of noise. You can see it in this crop, in what should be a smooth, grey area.

Free Convert Sony NEX AVCHD Videos to Mac for Editing and Playback

Still, very impressive when compared to the competition anywhere near the NEX-5's price point. While present, we found the Sony NEX-5's rolling shutter artifacts to be less obtrusive than those of some of its competitors. The slanted verticals in the shot above show this effect, in response to some pretty fast shaking. Faster than you'd be likely to pan, even following action. Buy the Sony NEX Top Sony Cameras Sony A Sony A Sony A7 II. Sony A7 III. Sony A77 II. Sony A7S II. Sony A9. Sony A99 II. Sony RX10 IV. Sony RX IV. Sony RX V. Can preset before recording. Can be preset before recording.

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Fixed at "Movie AF" Can't preset, can't change during recording. Fixed at multi-segment Can't preset, can't change during recording. Fixed at Auto Can't preset, can't change during recording. Fixed at Standard Can't preset, can't change during recording. MTS files. MPEG-4 Format. MP4 files. Card Capacity very approximate. If the free trial version does what you want, you can click Buy Now button below to purchase its full version to bypass the above mentioned free trial limitations.

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Downloading movie files for NEX-5

In the mean time, you are allowed to backup Sony MTS footage directly from camera to local computer. Also, you can click the camera icon to load camcorder videos as well.

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  8. The control buttons on timeline help you locate frames accurately so that you can cut, trim, delete, and merge video clips in a much easier way. Control buttons on Timeline 1. Time Display Controller: Move your mouse cursor on timeline, the opposite time point will be displayed here.

    Transfer Sony NEX-5R 60p AVCHD video clips to Mac

    Once you entered a time point into the time display box and click enter, the Preview Window and Timeline will switch to the frame of this time point. This helps to locate to the accurate frame that you want. Zoom in and Zoom out: Drag the bar on top-right of timeline to Zoom in or out for better view. Preview: Highlight a clip on timeline and click Play button, you can preview. Double click on a clip can also begin preview. Similar Threads. Most Popular.

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    Wirelessly tether your Sony camera to your Mac or PC