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Has anyone still using CS5 had any compatibility issues on Sierra? I had few issues but those issues are very annoying and frustrating over all application of the adobe package I'm actually still running CS6 on Yosemite and it's been going just fine. Probably a few tiny hiccups but nothing even that much more crazy than how it ran on Mavericks.

Either way, this is a somewhat encouraging thread as I've been holding off on updating to El Capitan and now Sierra for fear that I'd be losing CS6 would rather avoid CC as long as possible, otherwise considering non-Adobe alternatives. I know I have to update soon enough; I'm running a iMac that is still a ways off from needing replacement so I can't stay in Yosemite forever Depending on the program you used—at least, that's my experience.

Audition CS6 would no longer open when I installed El Capitan; instead, it crashed right after the splash screen appeared. I had to create a Yosemite partition so that I could still use it.

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InDesign CS6 functions, but is kind of temperamental—prone to "out of memory" errors, disappearing toolboxes, botched PDF exports the type gets all screwy now and then , and outright crashes. I hate the Creative Cloud subscription model, so I refuse to participate in it. I installed Sierra last week and now Photoshop CS6 crashes every time I group windows together or when I close any file that isn't consolidated to the photoshop background not sure what that's called when you stick a file to the top. Here's a screenshot of what happens every time.

I have the exact same problem!!!! I tried uninstalling and installing again and it doesn't seem to work. I'm sorry but Adobe forcing its users to pay a monthly fee to use the tools is absolutely ridiculous! Imagine if I bought a table saw, and the manufacturer turned around and decided that rather than selling it to me, he's going to forever charge me a monthly fee, just because of the promise to supply me with life time of upgrades with the newest technology.

Perhaps for a full time carpenter that might not be too bad of a deal, but for the home owner that wants the tool to work on home reno's and projects this is not a good deal at all! This is totally contrary to the era of "options". There should still be an option for those that do not want to work on a cloud, and that want to purchase a full licence for a version without the monthly fee! That decision was made years ago, and won't change. There are plenty of people who are happy with a subscription.

Adobe adds more people every month and are doing very well.

LION version stopped working and when taken to shop I was told part of my initial hard drive was damaged and no data could be recovered. They did get my iMAC up and running but of course it acts like a brand new computer now. What am I doing wrong and where within the Adobe.

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I am in need of reinstall directions and guidance Please help as I have customers waiting on me to complete their expected designs. Thank You! I think it is not fair that when I bought a license for almost bucks I am now also going to have to pay 9. The lesson here that if your software won't work on I couldn't solve the problem.

Apparently the only solution is either upgrade to CC or downgrade back to El Capitan. Running on my iMac Do you know if I do back up and upgrade my Adobe Product will still work. Or I need to upgrade to creative Cloud and pay them. I don't use them most of the time But I want to be able to open and still do some layout. The man then wielded a knife and repeatedly stabbed Yam. Yam suffered non-life-threatening injuries to the abdomen, internal organs and four fingers on his right hand, according to his management company, Emperor Entertainment Group.

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He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, local police announced at a press conference Saturday evening. Yam, 64, has starred in more than movies and 40 television series. Additionally, they shouldered heavy workloads despite having lower status and fewer rights than public hospital doctors, the rural doctors said. The resignations come after a similar wave of departures in the central Chinese province of Henan, where rural doctors said the local government had failed to provide promised healthcare subsidies.

Read the full story on Caixin Global later. Only a quarter sought help, and only The report found many migrant women were unaware of the protections that should be offered to them through the Domestic Violence Law — which more than half of the interviewees had never heard of. It calls for increased awareness in China of gender violence and its many manifestations, greater societal support for migrant women, and a support system for victims that links medical treatment, identification, police, legal aid, therapy, and social services.

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In , a promoted search result on Baidu led the year-old cancer patient Wei Zexi to an experimental treatment program, which caused his eventual death. It was meant to be a day of carefully scripted moments showcasing cutting-edge technology. CEO and co-founder Robin Li was giving a keynote speech on smart transportation early at the event when he got doused by bottle of water poured over his head by a man who rushed onto the stage. The blockbuster opened on Friday with an impressive The strong performance is not a surprise as a huge Marvel fan base has grown up in China in recent years.

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At least thirteen people died in that disaster, and were injured. Instruments in areas with high seismic activity detect energy radiating from an earthquake.

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