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These copies had everything contained on the disc, including a full-length feature film, menus, audio tracks and all other bonus features. We found that the average time to make an exact copy of our test disc to a blank DVD-9 is a little less than an hour. Some products take as little 40 minutes on the low end and nearly an hour and a half on the high end. If you have a single disc you want to copy, these variations don't matter much.

However, if you have a large DVD library you want to back up, even a few minutes can make a huge difference in the time you must dedicate to the task. Making a compressed copy takes considerably less time than an uncompressed copy. With one exception, the products in our lineup took about half an hour to compress the contents on our test disc and burn them onto a DVD Many of the programs in our lineup have very similar interfaces.

We evaluated how easy it is to access and use the common features of each product. We documented how many clicks it takes to begin a conversion, load an ISO file and access each application's customization tools. We also tracked how many times the programs crashed during testing and how many unusable discs they created. There are a few things you should understand and features you should look for when shopping for the best DVD copy software.

These files are essentially the blueprints for a disc. They contain everything a DVD drive needs to recognize and play a disc on a computer or a television. DVD copy software scans this file, copies it onto your hard drive and then burns it onto a new disc. This creates an exact copy of the original disc, complete with the movie, menus, audio tracks and bonus materials. Before a DVD copy program can make a new disc, it must bypass the copy encryptions found on almost all DVDs sold by major entertainment companies. These protections are intended to stop illegal piracy. The best DVD copy software circumvents these encryptions so you can back up, archive and make personal copies of the movies and TV shows you've already paid for.

Keep in mind that if you compress your DVD copy, you'll notice significant quality loss on the new disc.

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This is the nature of video compression, and even the best DVD copy software can't get around it. This includes pixelation, compression artifact and motion blur. If you want an exact copy of a disc, you should purchase and use the more expensive blank DVD-9s, which will yield a copy with no quality loss whatsoever.

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An alternative to compressing your DVD movies onto smaller discs is to create custom copies that require little to no compression. Most of the DVD copiers in our review allow you to copy just the main feature on a disc and leave off extras like menus, alternate audio tracks and bonus materials. In most cases, the main feature from a commercial disc will fit onto a DVD-5 with no compression. The best DVD copy software allows you to pick which tracks and content make it onto your new disc.

One other way to avoid quality loss due to compression is to split the content from a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5s, with the main feature on one disc and everything else on the other. The best products in our lineup have this feature among their main tools. If you're using these programs for archiving purposes or have a large DVD library, this is a must-have tool. These files act the exact same way as physical discs. You can play them through DVD player software and even burn new copies without the original disc on hand. You'll never have to worry about a disc being lost, damaged or broken, because you'll always have that backup ISO file to make a new copy.

The best DVD copy programs allow you to load an ISO into the interface and burn a new copy the same way you would if you had the original disc. Make sure the program you buy has all the features you need, so you get the most for your money. The short answer is that you can probably get away with it, but there are some things you should know.

Starting with the law. This effectively makes it impossible to rip, copy or convert any media that contains copy protections, encryptions or similar guards without running afoul of the DMCA. What are the important differences between these concepts? Ripping is the act of transferring files found on physical media, such as an optical disc, to a computer.

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This act is not technically illegal because it can apply to ripping homemade DVDs. Copying or duplicating home-produced DVDs or Blu-ray discs is likewise legal, so long as the user owns the copyright to the content found on the disc. There have been several statements and rulings made by government officials and courts both in the U. During the session, he was challenged about the legality of ripping legally acquired DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

A good example would be ripping a DVD so you can play it on your iPad. That use is not prohibited. However, Congressman Issa only mentions ripping copyrighted material; he says nothing about circumventing the copy protections. It was a partial dodge of the question. The asker followed up his question with a request for clarification about circumvention — a request that was ignored by Congressman Issa.

In , a U. However, this ruling does not touch on the subject of DRM. While Britons may duplicate copyrighted works for noncommercial use, circumvention of DRM protections remains illegal. Despite the efforts of the above-mentioned institutions and individuals, circumventing copy protections remains against the law in the United States, the United Kingdom and most western nations.

While it is illegal for an individual to use ripping or copying software to bypass DRM, there have been no notable cases of copyright holders pursuing legal actions against individual users, nor has there been any action taken against publishers who review or otherwise cover products that circumvent DRM. It appears that the manufacturers of the software bear almost all the liability for the illegal use of their products.

Unlike the protection encryption for Blu-ray AASC , CSS is no longer being updated to keep up with codebreakers like those found in the programs we reviewed. As such, all these programs can easily decrypt discs so you can make backup copies of the movies and TV shows you have bought and paid for. Jump To:.

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Best Overall DVD Cloner This software is our top pick because its unique design allows you to either start copying a DVD right away or dig in to customize your new disc. It has every customization option we look for in this category. Saving ISO disc image files to your hard drive is more complex than necessary. The time it takes to burn a new disc is longer than average, according to our tests. What makes it this good? The software is a perfect choice to back up your old, scratched DVD discs, giving your collection a new lease of life. Now you can grab this great software via the limited-time giveaway.

We are finally moving towards freeware software now. The first one we are looking at is DVD-Cloner. Needless to say, it is evident from the get-go that DVD-Cloner ensures that the users get the best possible experience using their software. You have enough features to keep you hooked, but are the features enough to make this software a considerable option?

The first thing I really loved was the express mode. This allows the user to make copies of their DVDs without going through any issue whatsoever. The process is simple, and easy to use. The six copying modes that come with the software are also amazing, and allows you to easily choose what you want. Speaking of the six copying modes, they are also the biggest crux of the software as anyone who does not have the necessary information about this software can easily get confused.

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While this one is not as famous as some of the other options available, the good news is that the software still gives you plenty of value. In simpler words, the AVS Free Disc Creator is more or less the perfect tool for people who are looking to have the most amount of features as well. You have good functionality; the interface is nice and easy. You have support for all the image file formats so you really do not have to worry about the lack of features.

The only downside is that the plethora of features can end up confusing someone who is using it for the first time. Ashampoo is one of those companies that have had quite a great time in the software market with some pretty great offerings as well. Today, we are looking at the Ashampoo Burning Studio Free. Now in terms of features, you are getting all the modern features you can expect from a good DVD software. As I have mentioned before, this software comes with 3-in-1 functionality.

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You can burn the DVDs, rip them, as well as copy them. Making the whole process super easy and very simple as well. Every feature that you may want to use is right there in front of you, which means that this software does away with all the complicated menus as such. Additionally, using it is super simple. Honestly, with all the good things aside, the only thing I do not like about this software is the fact that it does not give you as many disc compression options as you may want from it.

As the name suggests, the software does come for free, but still has many features.

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There is no denying that BurnAware Free has a lot of good features. The good thing is that the software is freeware, and does come in a number of options as well. So, if there is something that you are not interested in, you can always go for something that suits you better. You have support for all media types, and the disc spanning options for backups is great as well.

On the flipside, the only thing that I do not like about this software is that the interface itself looks empty. It almost feels as if there is a lot of space that is wasted for nothing. I do love a clean interface, but clean should never represent emptiness. Other than that, the software itself is great.

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There are some nice features. At first, you might think that there are not enough features with the software. However, I can assure you that there are a lot of great features. The best part is that it is extremely simple to use, and disc to disc copying is great.

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  • There are a few downsides though; these are some things that you should keep in mind. For starter, the interface is dated, and if that does not concern you as much, you need to know that this software is for DVD videos only. If these minor issues do not bother you, then the IQmango DVD Ripper is a great software that you should definitely look into if you want to have a good DVD copying experience. There is no denying that Macs are awesome. However, I see a lot of people complaining that there is a severe lack of software like DVD rippers, or copiers on the Mac side of things.

    Now in terms of features, this is definitely great for those who own a Mac. You will no longer have to worry about having a lack of software of this caliber on a Mac. There are a lot of good things as well. So you should keep that in mind. For starters, the interface is the star of the show; it is simple, easy to understand, and even easier to use.

    The only gripe I have with this software is that for those who have never used a software like this before, effectively copying your DVDs might be an issue for some.