Google chrome unresponsive pages mac

If your Chrome is running slow, you might think to enable hardware acceleration.

Common Chrome on Mac problems + fixes

Some of these can actually speed up your browsing, with tricks like using more threads to downloading raster images faster and loading low-priority iFrames last. This can really help if an extension has been changing your settings without your explicit knowledge.

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  5. Step 1: Clear the Cache.

Resetting Chrome does delete all your extensions, themes, cookies, pinned tabs, your saved homepage, and startup tabs, as well as content settings. But the browser may work better in its natural state, and then you can re-add extensions and re-adjust settings as needed. Naturally, CleanMyMac can reset Chrome as well.

Just click the Uninstaller tool in the sidebar, then find Chrome in the list of applications.

How To Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem

Right-click on the arrow and select the Application Reset, next to the Complete Uninstallation. Of course, uninstalling and re-installing Chrome is a more drastic step than just resetting it, but if you do decide to uninstall the whole app, CleanMyMac will make sure to get all the associated files and preferences, everywhere they exist on your Mac. Another tip is to consider installing Chrome Canary , which is a beta version of Chrome meant for developers and early adopters.

Using all the tips above and CleanMyMac to easily manage them will speed up your Chrome considerably. Find the problem window or tab, click to select it, and then End Process.

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  • You can also use the Command—comma keyboard shortcut. Scroll down to the Advanced section and click Advanced to expand all the options.

    How to fix Google Chrome Kill pages error on Windows 10?

    In the Basic tab, leave the boxes checked to clear your browsing history, cookies, and other site data, as well as cached images and files. Then click Clear Data at the bottom. Disable hardware acceleration If your Chrome is running slow, you might think to enable hardware acceleration. Click it to relaunch Chrome. Try Chrome Canary Another tip is to consider installing Chrome Canary , which is a beta version of Chrome meant for developers and early adopters. Get Setapp. More reads you might like.

    How to Fix "Kill Page" or "Wait" Errors in Chrome

    Your name. If the problem appears after you reboot your computer, repeat the steps above to get back into your profile, then make a backup of your bookmarks and anything you have saved to your profile. Close Chrome, return to and delete the entire 'Default' folder, then relaunch Chrome and recreate your profile from your backups. Flash not working: From time to time, the Flash plugin in Chrome crashes and messes things up for the rest of your browser.

    Fix Google Chrome Unresponsiveness and Not Responding [Tutorial]

    Try disabling Flash. You don't really need it, and it brings more potential security risks than it's worth. Chrome conflicts: Chrome has a great built-in tool to help you figure it out which applications Chrome sometimes fights with. If that doesn't work, you're going to have to consider disabling or uninstalling the offending app. Unfortunately, this one seems to be a Windows-only feature, so Mac and Linux users can't take advantage of this method.

    How to disable Flash and check for out-of-date components

    When this happens, you're going to need to close Chrome to free up that memory for the rest of the system, and get in the habit of regularly closing it. Chrome won't close: Occasionally, Chrome may look like it's not running anymore, but it's still shuffling about in the background, eating up your computer's memory and stopping you from launching Chrome again. In cases like this, you can force close the program , even on Mac and Linux.

    Once closed, Chrome should stop, and you'll be able to open a fresh window, if you need to. Extensions are not working: As with any software that allows extensions, the extensions are usually the first culprit when a problem pops up. Try disabling some extensions to get Chrome working again. Reset Chrome : If you weren't able to get Chrome back working normally, you can always try to reset the browser and start fresh. Chrome keeps crashing: You might run into a situation where the Google Chrome install is totally broken.