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If you purchase the bundle, it ships with an Epiphone Les Paul Junior. The bundle might be hard to get your hands on, but you can still purchase that guitar on its own on Amazon. Rocksmith also features support for USB microphones, allowing you to play with an acoustic guitar. Rocksmith claims that it will help you master the guitar in only 60 days.

From my experience playing the game, I would say that overall Rocksmith is very effective for what it is. It could take weeks, if not months before you actually start playing some real music. However, Rocksmith takes the complete opposite approach. As soon as you fire up the game, you can jump right into playing your favorite songs.

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Rather than teaching you how to read notes from traditional sheet music, the game displays the notes intuitively with numbers and strings that represent your guitar neck. Not everyone cares about learning theory, creating their own music, or even becoming a well-rounded musician. Many people just want to jam along to their favorite tunes, create covers, or impress their friends. For those people, Rocksmith is an excellent option. Rocksmith has over 50 popular songs from practically every genre right out of the box. The game is designed to make learning songs fun and easy.

Rather than sitting down and looking at sheet music, or having someone explain how to play a song note by note, Rocksmith lets you jump right in with its intuitive interface. This could include string skipping, alt picking, vibrato, sweep picking, bends, slides and much more.

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These techniques will typically take months or even years of dedicated practice to master. They have over a dozen little minigames dedicated to teaching you common guitar techniques. The games are actually fun and help you practice these techniques without making it feel like practice. In addition, there are also a bunch of traditional video lessons explaining certain guitar techniques to compliment these minigames.

These are great because it helps provide context for new players.

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Your fingers will lack the strength and dexterity to properly fret the notes. Over time as you practice, things will get easier.

Playing Rocksmith is a great way to help build up your finger strength because it gives you exposure to all different types of chord shapes and techniques. When it comes to learning guitar, the most important thing is practice.

ROCKSMITH 2014 Remastered Deals **** OG Rocksmith for $9, PC only ****

In my opinion, the absolute best thing about Rocksmith is that it inspires new players to pick up the guitar and start practicing. Simple as that. The game is fun, entertaining, and makes you feel like a rock star. It does a great job at making practice not feel like practice. The game certainly falls short in some critical areas that could potentially hinder your growth as a musician. From my experience playing the game, here are some key elements that I feel holds Rocksmith back from being considered a true replacement for traditional learning avenues.

It makes playing the guitar fun and engaging, which is great. But once I turned the game off, I found that I had completely forgotten how to play the song without the on-screen assistance. Learning the guitar requires a lot of self-reflection and analysis. You need to be able to listen to yourself play, understand where your weaknesses are and specifically target these areas.

And this is an area where Rocksmith can potentially fall short.

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You would think that a rhythm game would be pretty good for teaching you rhythm, right? Unfortunately, this is something where I feel Rocksmith fails. The fact that this game requires you to use an actual guitar as your game controller, accurate tracking is absolutely essential. There will naturally always be some latency between the time you strum a note on your guitar and when the game actually registers it.

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This is a HUGE detriment when it comes to playing a musical instrument. Depending on the person and your ability to adapt to their teaching method, you may even be able to play a few songs. However, we believe you're going to lack basic mandatory, fundamental knowledge. This will lead you towards developing bad habits, making it difficult to progress as a player and learn other songs. This software is great for getting someone interested in the guitar.

The gamification makes it fun and will keep the guitar in your hands - BIG bonus. Is this an effective, proper way for someone to develop long term skills and learn guitar? In our opinion, absolutely not.

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