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Zombie games increased their quality with Plants vs. And that was thanks to its revolutionary concept of using botany to avoid an undead of getting hold of your brain. In Plants vs.

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Zombies we won't need a shotgun to turn our house into a fortress against a zombie invasion. We only require a garden and a large amount of seeds with which we can plant our vegetable arsenal that will wipe out the zombies by shooting peas, walnuts or cherry bombs. More than forty different plants will be part of our line of defense to get rid of over thirty different types of zombies that want to come around for tea.

But in Plants vs. Zombies you require a refined botanical technique. The reason why is that each zombie has its own special skills , therefore, you need to know which plants will kill them off, and hurry up to plant them as soon as possible. Mac Games Strategy Plants vs. Zombies Mac 1. Zombies your gardening skills will help you to avoid being attacked by a zombie. Now this game is the best game for all ages because it starts out nice and easy for beginners and the new update allows more detailed practice for starter players.

This game has everything you want to do and it is very long! The only thing that I would like to see added is a co-op mode and a vs mode with a friend or with the computer. Other than that this game is the best for all players. I hope that it keeps getting updated for more stuff to do. The new modes that I said about would make the game never ending and more fun! As always download this game now you will have fun with it! Trust me.

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I am still playing this game today on adventure 2 day 8. I love survival endless it is a good way to get coins faster.

Plant vs Zombies full version free download FOR MAC

This game is great and keep updating it please! I love it! I feel, however, that this app is almost a mockery of the original game. I get that it is free and all, but there are several ads in the game.

Want a rake? Watch an ad.

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Want an instakill plant, removing the difficulty of a tough zombie? You beat a level? You better believe it, there is an ad! Ads are everywhere, but I guess you can turn off WiFi to stop seeing them. Next are in app purchases. That is true, but you have to buy mini games. And the cob cannon, either did, or does have a big where it only kills one zombie, which renders it useless!

I feel not patching it was on purpose, so people who spent money on it, pretty much wasted it, encouraging them to buy money! The fact that the best way to get money is to grind by completing levels over and over again, to get coins from lawn movers and grave busters is sickening. I loved it.

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I prefer this one to the second one, mostly because the game mechanics seem simpler to me I guess. I mean, for some younger kids, it might be a bit scary Seriously, great game. Can be played online and offline, with WiFi or without it. I have no problem with this whatsoever, just wanted to let you guys know what a great game this is!

Requires iOS 8.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.