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Our programme includes an update on the heavily debated National Shutdown Procedure; as well as practical solutions on assessing the economic impact of a disaster on your business, managing human resources before and after a disaster and mo. In the small village of Hanoi, there are hard-working local people who devote themselves to keep their traditional incense making. These fragrant and colorful sticks play essential role in Vietnamese spiritual life.

We burn incense to work. Dinner Time Thanks to Ms. Medium: Photoshop. BGP Serunya tuh klo udah ama kalian yekan Live beauty and healty Succesfull on process with working hard and prayed! Moments that matter in the lives of individuals have opportunity to build movements that can touch the masses. So we recognize the seed season the springing up season the increase season the harvest season. So we may maximize the ne. Impacted by these great men. Grateful for their lives, words, and how they have used their influence. Thank you!! Hosted by the teams that make it happen, executi.

This event is bringing hope, life and love to the tristate area; With some of the best Artist and teachers coming. Pessoas ao qual tanta respondabilidade foi confiada e entregue! Sabemos da luta que foi e te admiramos por isso, mereces o mundo!! Posts tagged with Workship About 30, Post results with Media found. Monument and Loose Skyscrapers, Emanuel Hirsh Collection.

Holiday Resort, Settlement - Soft Base l, Settlement - Soft Base TI, Frank Galbally Collection The Black Plank, Plaza, Fort l, Fort lI, Moundhouse, O ponto de partida e d. Peter Baum. Entre todas as obras de Hermann J. Thematischer Ausgangs-und KristaIlisationspunkt seiner Arbeiten sind zumeist Kopf und menschliche Figur, gelegentlich aber auch Requisiten eines Interieurs. Messensee sieht in diesen Gegenstanden allerdings nicht mehr aIs Ansatze, Vorgegebenheiten und begriff1iche Identifikationsmodelle, die erst durch den Prozep inspirierter bildnerischer Umsetzung kilnstlerische Verbindlichkeit erhalten.

Sein stark abstrahierender expressiver Stil bezieht seinen besonderen Reiz aus der Balance zwischen rein malerischen und primar zeichnerisch-graphischen Elementen. Seine Bilder und Zeichnungen verraten Kraft und Elan, zugleich. Zum Unterschied vom konvent! Bei Hermann J. Oktober 1 , Oktober 2 , Harry ErtI 2, Harry Ertl 3, Portrait Erika Mis 4, Englische Schar landend, Bronze, Stahl verchromt.

Bronze, Aluminium, Chromnickelstahl. Chromnickel, Stahl, Kupfer. Chromnickel, Sthal, Kupfer. Bronze, C6romnickelstahl. Foster, Antuerpia Anges Deconnectes. Pestiaw, Bruxelas La Grande Cracheuse. Cube Creux, Ville Eteinte, Day After Day, Insomnies, Comme un Aimant, Fumees, , 56 x Sans Fin, Sua obra indica a seriedade com que encara o seu trabalho. Participou da XI Bienal de S.

Mas, a artista, tenta uma abertura com os jovens que obrigam os adultos a pensar, a deter-se para novas possibilidades. Elle est la seule artiste "naive" de Bolivie.

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I, Origem, Ser, Fuga ou Devir, ou Brasiliana n. O 1, Brasiliana D. A Chegada do Messias, Pintura 3, Pintura 4, Pintura 5, De Sois, Para o Alto, Audio Visual.

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Woman Lib's? Colagem Filhos do Bamboo I, Filhos do Bamboo 11, Filhos do Bamboo , Hidro-Cor sobre Papel Paulo 58,. Taki , Desenho 11, Desenho , Desenho V, Horizonte O Pico da Bandeira. Organos IV, Organos VI, Organos VII, Organos VIII, Uzina Azul I, Uzina Azul 11, Tempos Azul, Ceres, Orion, Ikon, Lola, Pontos de Vista.

Projeto conceitual-ambiental. Gorgeiam uma. Ritual da Felicidade, Ritual Profano-Sagrado, Poema de Augusto de Campos. Tintas Coral S. Vanguarda S. Stefan Groszmam Gen. Vermelho e Azul, Ocre e Amarelo, Verde e Vermelho, Vinil sobre Duratex Paulo Ambiental A Procura do Nome de Deus, Poriantos Caminhos Venho Andando Equilibristas n, Equilibristas m, Equilibristas IV, Quadro, Objeto em Madeira e Colagem. I - Semesof Noman x IV - V - Voante, Horizonte, Novelo, Foto-Desenho n.

O Foto-Desenho n. Desenho I, Desenho lU, Desenho IV, Buzio, Espirais, Rosto, Gravura em Metal Grotta Azzurra, Minas Gerais: Bandeira, As Minas, Os Gerais, As Minas e os Gerais I, As Minas e os Gerais lI, Fotografia e Espelho Artista pelo Meio, Reflexos triptico , Prende-Prende dor-Tempo. Desenho Zona Crepuscular, Um Espermonauta da Paz, Num Ponto Qualquer, O Momento Crucial, Meta, Estandarte I, Estandarte 11, Estandarte m, Vinte de Junho de Onze de Abril de O Vento Solar, A Luz e o Tempo, Era Espacial, Jogo da Amarelinha I.

Jogo da Amarelinha Femmes de Rbodopes, 3. Tisseuses, Nature Morte, Deux Visages, Souvenirs, Paysage de Yambolsko, Ponta Seca Sofia-Rue Stamboliiski. Botev, Varna-Maison de Repos, Vienne, Collines 11, Femmes aux Champs I, Femmes aux Champs 11, Usine, Arbanassi, XIX, Le Guerrier Mourant, Arsanassi XIX, Litografia Le Chevalier Blanc, Clown, La Guerre, La Paix, Allafranca, Motifs De La Renaissance, Koukeri, No la originalidad enfermiza ni el mensaje.

Distintos son los medios. La obra de Tilak es alucinante por el camino deI budismo, de alli su pasividad ante el llanto. O la lluvia benefactora sobre los arroz ales de Ceylan. La mezcalina o el LSD son puertas abiertas a la locura sagrada. Las empresas multinacionales no ven la nesecidad de instalar organizaciones constructoras deI tan vapuleado sistema de vida occidental.

Cuanto tiempo mas puede conservar un pais en nuestros dias su independencia cultural? Ij podrido que tiene la muerte de las libertades. Mi cultura es rica, mas aun que la europea. Mi pais aun no es una vitrina paralizada para el turista.

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Yo me pregunto, cuanto tiempo le queda a Ceylan? Tilak es Ceylan. Los perfiles. La tradicionalidad de sus obra no es pintoresquista, es trascendente, eS verdadera y conserva con valentia la identidad de su pueblo no como un cadaver adornado, si como una forma de vida. La obra de Tilak es egoista dentro de su universalidad.

Soon after a mental exercise, we may keep. To revert to a lost intimacy among so much formal mannerism to give back people, once again, their belongings. Form has changed a thousand times, and has been found out from cbaos. Form lives into the creation changements. Neither the sickly originality nor the message - nothing is more a messanger than the periodical murais of the cultuI'al revolution, than the posters representing the Campbell's soup tins, the witness of the American Watergate Life accident. We revert to consider once again the creation which has always been among uso I dil already know Tilak's work, far from Ceylon and from America.

Rome has been the land of the nothing and, in the beginning, it has been difficult to understand man, in his work which departs from the familiar monsters of the deep regions of intelligence, to see it joined to a something ill-looking beautiful of the meaning deformity, in the manner of Antonin Artaud, the frog-man of the brain. AlIucination is the state of grace for Christians and Buddhists as well. Initiation, in every case, establishes a total delivery.

Dr the useful rain on the rice-fields of Ceylon. Mescaline and LSD are open doors to the sacred folIy. The vision of a uniform God - c10sed and cruel, or else it may be a mermaid or a bird which, in its fIy, stirs the fire, approaching to the bonfire, burning from the coloured to the black f1ying blinded phoenix, stork scales, vegetal glue, curled foam, wings, waves, and at last - the eye which stare at the singing closed to the dream or to the pageant of the elephant of ceremony. For western canons, people from Ceylon have little revenues "per capita", as they are considered an under-devel0Pe.

That is to say,. National enterprises don't see the use of settling building firms in the manner of the so lashing western system of life - Ceylon is now living the same way Viet-Nam, Cambodja, Thayland have once lived, with their same purity, and once, while I was chatting with Tilak, he told me he would have liked Ceylon did not lose this purity.

The last example is given by poor Uruguay, with this frightful rotten smell, proper to liberty death. My culture is rich, more than the European one. I wonder how much time is left to Ceylon? Tilak is Ceylon. I mention again his trees, bis fool horses placed on a line. The profiles, examining etemally themselves, becoming mortal and proper to the possessed ones, the initiated ones.

The traditionalism of bis work is not picturesque. It is trascendent, it is true, and keeps with skilfullness its people identity, not as an adorned corpse, but as a form of life. In Tilak work one may sometimes perceive some aesthetical solution, quite near to Picasso, or Klee, or Tiffany, And by chance, don't we find Africa in Picasso work, East in Klee's and Egypt in Tiffany's?

Originality - or better, modernism, is a crutch to reach space. Tilak work is selfish in its universality. Pico de Pena Pescadores e Pescadoras I. Pescadores e Pescadoras Pescadores e Pescadoras IV. Pescadores e Pescadoras V.

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Pescadores e Pescadoras VI. Pescadores e Pescadoras VII. Pescadores e Pescadoras IX. Pescadores e Pescadoras X. Pescadores e Pescadoras XI. Pescadores e Pescadoras XII. Pescadores e Pescadoras XlV. Pescadores e Pescadoras XV. Pescadores e Pescadoras XVI. Pescadores e Pescadoras XIX. Pescadores e Pescadoras XX. Ce sont des personnages qui sortent du bahut des terribles souvenirs qui suivent les conjurations d'extraction magique. The CoaI Lady.

Tratando de Subir. Ser o no Ser. La Espera. Pedazos de un Recuerdo. Mis Amigas. Preludio de Soledad n. Nostalgias que amarran. EI Frio de todos los Dias. Horas de Aburrimienta en un Verano. Madame Ivonone. Mata Hari. Mujer Semilla. Mujer Perla. Lola Montes. Mujer Luna 1. Mujer Luna 2. Ines de Suarez Afrodita. La Yuyito. Paisaje Nube. Paisaje Creada. Paisaje Flecha. Paisaje Viento. Paisaje Inviemo. Paisaje Otono. Paisaje Indigo.

Paisaje Malva. Paisaje EspaciaJ. Paisaje Mutilado. Paisaje Mangala. Paisaje Ontario. Paisaje Apurimana. Paisaje Galaxia. Paisaje Astral. Paisaje Flechas. Mi Padre. Mujer con Sombrero. Flora Vegetal. Flora Luminosa. Flor de Iquitos. Alturas Andinas. Capa Verde. Mural de la Selva. C'est un art apparemment simple. Elle est, sans doute, une rebelle sans scandale ni bruit. C'est dans la maniere de voir les choses, et comme on donne les coups de pinceau.

Casa de un poeta. EI pez espada. Desgranando arvejas. San Antonio. Casa de campo. EI puerto. Haciendo humitas. Casa de Pablo Neruda. EI Arbol. Cerros de lo Abarca. La Carreta. La casa de la higuera. Frutas y Flores. Trilla mi suegro. Casa de campo en Temuco. La trilla. EI nino enfermo. Las maravillas.

Los Abejorros. La Mariposa. La lechera. Isla Negra. EI Humilde. Casa de campo en Isla Negra. Tela de la palmera y la iglesia. Camino de Isla Negra. Entierro y Bautizo en EI Totora1.

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Parr6n de mi casa. La abuela hilando. Oferece aos artistas de todos os cantos do mundo urna preciosa oportunidade de aprender, encorajar e de estimular-se mutuamente. Intemational interfIow of arts is the most effective channel in developping fraternal friendship among human beings. Because, arts surpasses the rigidity of race and frontier, and eliminates the separation of distance and language difference.

Man's paramount object in pursuit of beauty enables them to feel homogeneity in the region of arts which stimulates the creative enthusiasm and promotes mutual understanding and sympathy among free peoples. Biennual International Arts Exhibition of st. Paulo, Brazil is one of world's famous arts exhibitions having the aforesaid nobIe object. It offers artists from every corner of world a precious opportunity to leam, encourage and imitate each other. In the development of human culture or in the interflow and promotion ofart, this exhibition has its far-reaching magnificence and important dedication.

For 16 years, the Republic of China has participated S1. Like other participating countries, our country is the fanatic, creator and appreciator of modem arts, and these recent year is also the growing process of Chinese modem arts from burgeoning, growing to fruiting. Intemational exhibition of our modem arts work mainfests and reveals the prevalence of free creation of our society and some characters of Chinese culture and spirit. Such characters under the impact of modem thought has fostered a new life out of old culture. In the creation and development of Chinese modem arts, Chinese youth shalI take it as their own responsibility and play an influential role.

The four young distinguished artists age.. They express a new spirit of modem Chinese culture, ar imagination and concept bursting out of free, unrestrained and open heart, and a presence stimulating from Chinese traditional philosophy. But each one has his own differentiated trait and passion, such as turbulence against serenity, contrast of white and black, interaction of substance and abstract, low and high, impetuosity and peace, separation and integrity and other philosophic findings which are the naturalism, mortalism and most intricate principIes of Chinese art philosophy and are the uni que composition of Chinese modem art.

In gripping,our traditionaol spirit and world's modem thought together, it is undoubtedly that Chinese youths will confront with formidable errand and unconquerable problems. Among the works of these four representing artists, we can peer that facing rooted and superior tradition and impetuous and sharp modemism they have done their best respectably to accept these two severe and double-faced ordeals. Although our country is now standing in a hard and challenging circustance, the insistence of democratic and free social system and living style nevertheIess is the most solid guaranty for the free creation and non-stopped growth of Chinese art.

And, prosperring economy and increasing cultural living also offer Chinese modem art a satisfactory environment to develop and to grow. The great dedication of Chinese art in human history will definitely encourage Chinese young artists to create more and work harder. Paulo Biennual Art Exhibition, on the other hand, offers a very good chance for international art interflow, especially it offers stimuIus and impetus to China's incessant pursuit and development of modem art, and modem artists and people in free China will appreciate and admire it forever.

Landscape 2, Landscape 3, Landscape 4, Landscape 5, Landscape 6, Landscape 7, Landscape 8, Landscape 9, Landscape 10, K, Relevo-pintura ll. Counterpart, Part of the Inter Service Group's ISG work is therefore to identify the scope of forced prison labour in third countries, as well as some of the obstacles in dealing with this complex issue, which include inter alia distinguishing forced prison labour from the forms of compulsory prison labour that is allowed if certain criteria are met according to internationally recognised standards.

All of these issues are central to the Laogai issue, and consideration of measures, if warranted, will be made in due course. Given the particularly difficult situation of the Greek economy and of producers of agricultural and livestock products, increased production costs and the steady decline in disposable income, will the Commission say:. What has the annual change in input costs and income been for producers in Greece over the last five years? Are any comparative data available for the same period for the other Member States?

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Are any comparative data available for the other Member States? What are the main problems preventing the smooth implementation and take-up of the programme? What important projects have been excluded, given the increase in Community co-funding? Data on input costs and income in Greece are available at Eurostat.

The implementation rate of a measure depends on many factors amongst others, delivery structure, institutional framework, national procedures, interest of beneficiaries , which vary considerably between Regions and Member States.

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  • Progress reports prepared annually by the Managing Authority describe amongst others, the implementation problems and solutions proposed. No information is available at Commission level on legal commitments at programme level. The Commission does not have any information on projects that might have been excluded due to the increase of co-financing rate of the programme. De Commissie verleent op dit moment geen humanitaire of ontwikkelingssteun die de rechtstreekse levering van medische noodhulp of medicijnen aan Iran inhoudt.

    De huidige, beperkte steun van de Commissie aan Iran wordt via internationale organisaties en niet-gouvernementele organisaties ngo's verstrekt en is voor het Iraanse volk bedoeld. If not, why not? Can the Commission provide emergency medical supplies to Iranians in dire need using humanitarian or development funds, and assess whether the Iranian regime will accept this kind of direct medical assistance? Any shortage of available medicines or other essential goods inside Iran is however mainly due to the inadequate allocation of existing economic resources by the Iranian Government.

    The Commission is currently providing no humanitarian or development assistance implying direct delivery of emergency medical assistance and medicines to Iran. The United States is our most important trading partner and trade between us has a decisive bearing on patterns of world trade overall: together, we account for half of world GDP and nearly a third of world trade.

    The launch of trade negotiations between the United States and the European Union is good news, therefore. A transatlantic trade and investment agreement holds out the promise of growth and many new jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. Both American and European leaders have signalled their strong support for the conclusion of this agreement, but this support must be sustained over time and be reflected in practical measures which are needed now.

    The High-Level Working Group is calling for ambitious targets to be set in areas such as market access and regulatory and non-tariff barriers and for new forms of enhanced cooperation to be developed. The automotive industry is one of the sectors where these needs are being felt most keenly. Parliament and the Council are currently considering several documents relevant to the automotive industry, dealing for example with CO 2 emissions and fuel.

    If we want a genuine dialogue, steps must be taken now to set up working groups on EU-US trade, bringing together representatives of the public authorities, industry and civil society, with very specific remits. These groups could develop into think tanks, devising proposals and channelling information. Does the Commission have any plans to set up such groups in the near future? Tackling regulatory issues, including in a number of key sectors such as the automotive sector, will be a priority. The Commission is aware of the importance signalled by the Honourable Member to establish an effective process involving all constituencies concerned, based on shared objectives, to deliver on this goal.

    This process is already underway. The EU and US automobile industries are engaged and have submitted a number of suggestions on how to address non-tariff barriers in the context of a possible trade negotiation. The Forum also gave an opportunity for a larger stakeholder group to present their views, including consumer representatives and civil society. Parliament will be immediately and fully informed at all stages of the negotiations, in particular through its Committee on International Trade.

    La sentenza riguarda 55 zone e agglomerati, tra cui diverse zone nel nord-est dell'Italia cui fa riferimento l'onorevole parlamentare nella sua interrogazione. These fires are a real threat to the health of local people, because they produce huge quantities of particulates and combustion products. In addition to particulates not only PM10s but also PM2. The ruling concerns 55 zones and agglomerations including several zones in North-Eastern Italy, to which the Honourable Member refers in his question. The Italian authorities have been reporting regularly on progress in cleaning up the landfill sited to which the ruling relates.

    Oggetto: Frodi alimentari e tutela del consumatore. I cittadini sono giustamente preoccupati e si domandano se possono ancora fidarsi di quanto riportato sulle etichette dei cibi che acquistano quotidianamente. La Commissione coordina attivamente a livello sia politico che tecnico le indagini in corso negli Stati membri interessati.

    Sulla base del regolamento CE n. L'imminente proposta della Commissione sui controlli ufficiali mira anche a rafforzare ulteriormente il sistema esistente, comprese le disposizioni in tema di sanzioni. Lo scandalo attuale si sarebbe verificato anche se l'etichettatura d'origine fosse stata obbligatoria per i prodotti alimentari in questione. Tuttavia, nel contesto del regolamento UE n.

    The public are rightly concerned and wonder whether they can still believe what they read on the labels of the foodstuffs they purchase in their everyday lives. They have to be able to find out what is in the food they are putting on their tables. Consumer confidence is an asset that Europe cannot afford to lose, and special protection must be afforded to consumers in a period of economic crisis in which they are having to economise on food.

    What measures it plans to adopt to improve the transparency of consumer information in order to avoid further cases of food fraud? What measures it plans to adopt to increase the efficiency of the checks on the rules on the labelling and traceability of products intended for use in foodstuffs? Whether, in order to avoid a repeat of these events, it plans to introduce new rules to accompany these measures, such as the requirement that food labels must show the origins of all foodstuffs?

    It is because of this system that the origin and the extent of the fraudulent actions in question were quickly identified. The Commission is actively coordinating the pending investigations in the Member States concerned both on a political and a technical level. The forthcoming Commission proposal on official controls will also aim at further strengthening the existing system, including the provisions on sanctions.

    Mandatory origin labelling is not a tool to prevent fraud by malicious operators. The present scandal could have occurred even if origin labelling was mandatory for the foods in question. Betreft: Uniforme regelgeving rond gezonde vloerbekleding. De Europese sector is voorstander van zulke reglementering. De sector blijft trouwens ruim onder de strenge normen die worden opgelegd. Voor inter nationale producenten van vloerbekledingen is de interne markt een belangrijke afzetmarkt.

    Het lijkt daarom verstandig dat de normering op Europees niveau vastgelegd wordt. De Commissie heeft het mandaat met betrekking tot het CE-merk voor vloerbekledingen EN aangepast met identieke voorwaarden, maar deze zijn nog niet doorgevoerd. Zijn er binnen de Commissie plannen om uniforme normen op te leggen voor gezonde vloerbekleding? Tot er een Europese regeling is voor de normen, welke stappen zal de Commissie nemen om de verscheidenheid tussen nationale wetgevingen te beperken zodat invoeren naar EU-landen niet geblokkeerd wordt door nationale beperkingen?

    Zullen er controles gekoppeld worden aan het opleggen van deze normen? De Commissie heeft momenteel geen plannen voor EU-brede emissienormen voor vloerbedekkingen. De Commissie heeft een groep van deskundigen bijeengebracht, die de lidstaten en de belanghebbenden vertegenwoordigt inzake de luchtkwaliteit in gesloten ruimten. De groep deskundigen zoekt naar zowel wetgevende als niet-wetgevende oplossingen om chronische ademhalingsziekten en vormen van kanker ten gevolge van milieuvervuiling binnenshuis te verminderen. De binnen het CEN ontwikkelde testmethoden zijn in overeenstemming met de beproefde CEN-regels, die de kwaliteit van zijn normen waarborgen.

    The European sector advocates such regulation. However, that sector continues to fall well short of the strict standards which are being imposed. For national and international producers of floor coverings, the internal market is an important sales market. It therefore seems sensible for standards to be set at European level. The Commission has adapted the mandate with regard to the CE mark for floor coverings EN with identical conditions, but they have not yet been implemented.

    Do any plans exist within the Commission for imposing uniform standards for healthy floor coverings? Until there is European regulation of these standards, what steps will the Commission take to limit the differences between national laws so that imports into EU Member States are not blocked by national restrictions? Will the imposition of these standards be accompanied by monitoring?

    If so, what form will this take, precisely? The Commission does not currently have plans for EU wide standards regarding emissions from floor coverings. The test methods developed in CEN are following the well-established CEN rules in ensuring the robustness of its standards. Onlangs stelde de Commissie voor dat alle zonnepanelen die uit China komen verplicht geregistreerd moeten worden door de douane. Dit besluit hangt samen met de antidumpingcampagne die de Europese Unie op dit moment voert rondom Chinese zonnepanelen. De aankondiging en berichtgevingen hebben reeds tot grote onzekerheid op de markt voor zonnepanelen geleid.

    Erkent de Commissie dat de maatregel een protectionistische aard heeft? Hoe gaat de Commissie voorkomen dat dit een precedent schept voor meer protectionisme? Erkent de Commissie dat de maatregelen leiden tot banenverlies? Hoe zal dit verlies opgevangen worden? Deze registratie voldoet aan de regels van de Wereldhandelsorganisatie. In sommige derde landen is registratie een automatisch onderdeel van alle onderzoeken.

    Het effect van mogelijke maatregelen waaronder mogelijk banenverlies hoger in de bedrijfskolom voornamelijk wie zonnepanelen installeert en lager in de bedrijfskolom producenten van apparatuur en grondstoffen alsmede op de producenten van zonnepanelen in de Unie wordt momenteel geanalyseerd op basis van onder andere de door deze partijen verstrekte informatie. The Commission recently proposed that all solar panels originating in China should be subject to compulsory registration by the customs authorities. This decision was prompted by the antidumping campaign which the European Union is currently carrying out with regard to solar panels from China.

    The announcement and reports have already caused serious uncertainty on the solar panel market. Does the Commission intend to follow up the registration requirement with a levy on solar panels? Is it true that this levy will also be introduced retrospectively? Can the Commission guarantee that people who have previously invested in solar panels will not be affected? Does the Commission acknowledge that the measure is of a protectionist nature? How will the Commission ensure that this does not set a precedent for more protectionism? Does the Commission acknowledge that the measures will lead to job losses?

    How will these losses be compensated? Registration is in line with the World Trade Organisation rules. In fact in some third countries registration is automatic in all investigations. At this stage of the proceedings, the Commission cannot anticipate whether duties will be imposed and at which level, or whether duties will indeed be applied retroactively. The impact of possible measures including possible job losses on the downstream mainly solar panels installers and upstream machinery and raw material producers markets as well as on the Union producers of solar panels is currently being analysed based, inter alia , on the information submitted by these parties.

    Does the Commission share the view expressed by Commissioner Oettinger and what is its position on his assessment of the situation? The Eurogroup has already taken substantive action to sustainably reduce Greece's debt burden. Moreover, the euro area Member States declared that they will consider further measures and assistance, if necessary for achieving a further credible and sustainable reduction in the Greek debt-to GDP ratio, when Greece reaches an annual primary surplus.

    The same law provides for a review of the level of the minimum wage in , with the aim of improving competitiveness. Does it have any updated information on the gross minimum wage in the EU?

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    • If so, how are Member States ranked? What position does Greece occupy and how competitive is the Greek minimum wage compared to that of other Eurozone Member States in EU? Has it contributed to the objectives of competitiveness? As for the net minimum wage, what information does it have and what position does Greece occupy relative to other Member States? The gross monthly minimum wage data are presented therein in three ways: in euro terms; in purchasing power standards PPS ; and, as a proportion of average monthly earnings.

      The objective is to analyse the issue taking into account the economic and labour market situation observed up to that moment and the prospects going forward, in order to favour employment creation to help Greece overcoming the very high levels of unemployment. Social partners have a role to play in this review.

      There is no pre-judgment on the outcome of that review and the Commission's position is that such a solid analysis should indeed precede any decision. La Commissione non ha avviato di recente alcuno studio per valutare il livello di carry-over nella carne di bovini, suini e polli adulti dell'aflatossina B1 presente nei mangimi. Corn production in these areas has been greatly reduced and a substantial part of it has aflatoxin levels above the limit of 0.

      Has it launched any studies to assess the possible residues and level of toxicity of this toxin in the meat of cattle, pigs and adult chickens? The Commission has not launched recently a study to assess the carry-over of aflatoxin B1 present in feed to the meat of cattle, pigs and adult chickens.

      However it is known that the carry-over of aflatoxin B1 in feed to meat and other food of animal origin, with the exception of milk, is very limited. Die ca. In Germany, the church is one of the largest social service employers in the area of childcare and nursing care. The approximately 1.

      A violation of this can lead to consequences under labour law. At the beginning of , for example, the head of a Catholic nursery school was dismissed because she had separated from her husband and lived with another man. Cases like this, and similar ones, are common in Germany on account of the employment contract provided by church employers. In addition, social institutions belonging to the church are financed almost entirely from public funds.

      What options does the Commission see for taking action against the enormous discrimination against employees who do not comply with church or religious rules? Article 4 of the directive provides for an exception as to occupational activities within churches.

      It allows that — with regard to the specific activities or of the context in which they are carried out — in these institutions a person's religion or belief might constitute a genuine legitimate and justified occupational requirement. Churches therefore according to the assessment of the Commission in principle have a right to specify ethical occupational requirements according to their religious principles.

      However, any exception clause has to be interpreted in a restrictive way taking account of the individual circumstances of each specific case and the nature and context of the occupational activities in order to determine if the use made of the exception clause complies with the conditions specified in the directive. If a person feels discriminated against by a specific occupational requirement she or he will have to seek legal redress before the competent national courts. The Greek Ombudsman, an independent authority, has warned that thousands of borrowers are facing higher interest rates and higher bank mortgage repayments, since the reduced interest rates subsidised by the Workers' Housing Organisation, which has now been dissolved, are not being transferred to the new loans they wish to contract with the banks and they are already unable to pay existing ones.

      It should be noted that the OEK used to manage money from workers' contributions for that very purpose. For this reason, they received an interest subsidy for a mortgage on their first homes; under present circumstances, since they may have lost their jobs or a large part of their salaries, they risk also losing their homes.

      What solution or arrangement based on EU experience in these matters would it choose in order to maintain the housing assistance programme that applied to the borrowers in question in order, firstly, to protect their homes and, secondly, to avoid any suspension of payments? What safeguards ultimately exist for those beneficiaries belonging to vulnerable groups who have entered into a specific loan agreement and are now required not only to meet their already unsustainable mortgage repayments, but also to increase them in order to be able make necessary arrangements with banks e.

      Does it have any information, including best practices, about similar loan subsidy schemes for first homes for vulnerable social groups? If so, what has been done to ensure that these schemes work properly? The authorities closed the OEE and OEK funds to partly offset the budgetary consequences of lower social security contributions.

      The legislation foresaw that whilst no further commitments would take place, existing contractual obligations would be respected. A temporary administrative committee was set up to carry out the operational modalities for the settlement of outstanding operational obligations and rights. The Commission is very well aware of the difficult financial situation of households due to the economic crisis. New measures to safeguard households are currently being discussed with Greek Authorities, as part of the ongoing quarterly review of the economic adjustment programme.

      Best practices in Europe and worldwide are being reviewed in order to find a balanced solution to safeguard the rights of households, without creating moral hazards or other potential constraints on bank lending. Its purpose is to draw MS attention to the different mechanisms in place at national level so that best practices are developed. The Hellenic Competition Commission, acting reportedly under pressure from the European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF , has carried out spot checks at the offices of major construction groups, following allegations of cartel practices during tendering.

      More specifically, complaints were made about practices agreed upon beforehand between the companies involving their bids for public works contracts, and also the distribution of these projects by geographical region and sector of activity. What does it know about this issue? What was the content of the complaints received by the competent authorities? Which violations are they investigating? What projects are involved? What measures does the law provide for, if the existence of cartels is proven, in respect of projects that have been completed and projects that are still in progress?

      As the case is pending, the following general explanations can be given. In addition to the envisaged decision, the Commission can request access to other documents it needs to assess the case. Accordingly, the Commission does not disclose such information, any relevant public information being available from the NCA.

      Victims of cartels can also seek damages in national courts. What are the projects that have been included and are being funded under this Code? What is the take-up rate overall and in respect of individual projects? Under the shared management principle, national and regional authorities are responsible for the selection, implementation and monitoring of co-funded projects. Palaiokastritsas, Alykes Potamou, Kerkyra. The government did so purely for budgetary reasons. In the light of the experience gained and data gathered about the implementation of this measure since , will the Commission say:.

      Has state revenue from VAT on catering services in Greece increased? If so, can it provide the relevant data for the years compared to revenue for ? How does it view the widespread demand in Greece for a return of VAT on catering to its previous level? More recently, the Commission services have requested additional information from the authorities in order to assess the budgetary impact of the increase of VAT on catering services more accurately.

      However, very few Bushmen have since been allowed to return to the reserve, and the government is still preventing them from hunting. Can the Commission provide an update on the situation of the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana? Is the Commission taking any action to encourage the government of Botswana to rectify this situation? Access to water through boreholes is provided for, in line with a Court ruling that obliged the Botswanan Government to provide water for the settlements to be viable. But since no permanent structures can be erected in the CKGR by law, the Botswanan Government does face difficulties in providing basic services.

      Moreover, the non-issuance of hunting licences and entry permits for Basarwa entering the reserve to visit relatives , render life in the CKGR very difficult for the remaining circa Basarwa. Access to education is provided through boarding schools outside of the central zone, though no particular impetus is given to the teaching of minority languages.

      The EU is closely following the situation and is regularly addressing the issue of ethnic minorities in dialogue with the Botswanan Government on Human Rights. The EU is also interacting with Civil Society in relation to this issue. Aihe: Kansalaisten suojeleminen valosaasteen haittavaikutuksilta. The hour daily cycle of light and darkness forms the basis of natural functioning for all plants and animals, including humans. This circadian cycle allows organisms to anticipate and prepare for precise and regular environmental changes and is important for, among other things, regulating and coordinating internal metabolic processes.

      There is growing evidence that exposure to light at night disrupts the natural circadian cycle in a manner that has adverse impacts on health. Medical research has indicated that exposure to light at night increases the incidence of certain types of cancer, most notably breast cancer. Furthermore, circadian disruption potentially contributes to obesity and diabetes. Studies have also suggested that excessive artificial light exposure early in life may contribute to an increased risk of depression and other mood disorders in humans.

      DOI: PMID: Based on such research findings, a number of calls have been made for action to address the problem. For example, the American Medical Association has called for further study into the health risks of environmental exposure to light at night. What steps does the Commission intend to take to reduce the health risks posed by light pollution for EU citizens? The Commission recognises that light exposure can affect sleep and play a role in regulating circadian rhythms which may in turn have an impact on health.

      Measures to control unwanted light are the responsibility of the authorities in Member States. The Commission currently has no further plans on this matter and no further assessment is planned. Betreft: Hervorming van de huidige eigen middelen uit de btw. Aangezien er in dit stadium nog te veel onbekende elementen zijn, zijn er geen gegevens beschikbaar voor toekomstige begrotingen na een hervorming van het systeem. De verdere werkzaamheden met betrekking tot het stelsel van eigen middelen waarover de Raad en het Parlement mogelijk overeenstemming zullen bereiken in de context van het MFK , kunnen hierin meer duidelijkheid brengen.

      Over het huidige systeem zijn wel gegevens beschikbaar. Vraag 5: Zoals hierboven reeds is opgemerkt, zijn er nog geen gegevens voor de toekomst beschikbaar. Er moet worden benadrukt dat deze hervormingen niet zijn bedoeld om de omvang van de begroting te vergroten. De voorstellen inzake eigen middelen zullen waarschijnlijk resulteren in een vermindering van het bedrag dat wordt opgehaald uit de eigen middelen die de begroting in evenwicht houden, namelijk de op het bni gebaseerde eigenmiddelenbijdragen. Data are not available for future budgets under a reformed system, as too many elements remain unknown at this stage.

      However, the further work on the own resource system which may be agreed between Council and Parliament in the context of the MFF may result in further light being shed on this. Data is available on the current system. And question 5. As explained above data are not yet available for the future. It should be stressed that these reforms are not designed to increase the size of the budget. The likely outcome of all the own resource proposals would be to reduce the amount raised from the balancing own resource — that based on GNI.

      Allegedly many of these timber products find their way onto the shelves of the hypermarkets of industrialised countries. Eradicating supplies of illegal and unsustainable timber production is clearly a major priority, as is reducing the disposable packaging including wooden pallets that is dumped on municipal land fields after being used just once, but which now accounts for one quarter of global timber consumption.

      Does the Commission regard, for example, the WWF-led Global Forest and Trade Network as a useful model for enhancing supply-chain traceability that complements recent EU legislative initiatives in the area, and what measures does the Commission believe are necessary to increase significantly the reuse of wooden pallets?

      The Commission supports the objectives of initiatives such as the Global Forest and Trade Network GFTN that aim to promote business to business contacts and match suppliers of forest products from sustainably managed forests with buyers seeking such products. The EU already has measures in place to achieve the objectives suggested by the Honourable Member. Has there been any move to include and encourage youth movements, represented in organisations such as the Al-Watan party, in the ongoing national transitional dialogue on fresh elections in ?

      Concerns remain over endemic corruption, which could be undermining the crucial European Union aid that is being provided to Yemen. How are Somali refugees in Yemen being assisted by the EU? Can the Commission say whether there is any long-term provision to help these Somalis return home or whether any plans are being put in place to help them settle and support themselves whilst in Yemen?

      The meeting called for rapid implementation of earlier pledges, provided information on aid already provided and some new pledges were made. FoY gave continued strong support for President Hadi. National dialogue, reconciliation and preparation of elections were recurrent themes. Civil registry remains a major issue needing coordinated international support. The EU has already started work on assisting with the progress of birth registration and prepares further, more comprehensive actions to gear up the entire civil registration system.

      The EU has made great efforts from the outset to assure that the National Dialogue process is all inclusive and has concentrated on outreach in particular to youth and women. Refugees in Yemen including Somali refugees benefit from EU humanitarian aid. This support is implemented by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and addresses basic needs in terms of protection including gender-based violence, access to health, water and sanitation services, livelihood with income generating activities and vocational training.

      The Commission does not specifically fund the return of Somali refugees to their home country. This category of contracts is subject to specific provisions in the directive, e. The Consumer Rights Directive therefore clarifies the regulation applicable to this particular category of products, taking into account their specific features. On the other hand, digital content supplied on CDs and other tangible media is considered as goods within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Directive.

      As the Commission is aware, there is widespread concern over the rapid decline in the population of honeybees, as well as of other pollinators such as butterflies. In addition, there has been a widespread decline across Europe in the number of birds and number of species of insects. In the UK during the s, the BBC made its own special contribution to this phenomenon by broadcasting lifestyle and gardening programmes which encouraged tens of thousands of people to believe it was fashionable to concrete over the garden space in front of their houses, though increased parking restrictions no doubt played their part as well.

      Recently the BBC broadcast an excellent documentary on bee decline by the distinguished political journalist and beekeeper, Martha Kearney, and subsequently a series of programmes by the gardener Sarah Raven in which she looks for ways to try to arrest the decline in pollinator numbers by encouraging an increase in the numbers of planted pollinating-friendly plants, including those rich in nectar, such as Hebes from New Zealand or Digitalis foxgloves. A key initiative was to work together with the British Royal Horticultural Society RHS to unveil, at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, an RHS pollinator-friendly label which can be used by garden centres and other commercial retailers to assist gardeners who would like to plant pollinator-friendly flowers and plants by identifying the appropriate species.

      Does it believe there might be a place for an approved supplementary EU pollinator-friendly label, to be used voluntarily on an EU-wide basis and based on the UK RHS model?

      Get Listed Now and It\'s Free!

      The Commission is not aware of any similar initiatives from other Member States Knowledge elements are currently insufficient to indicate whether an approved, supplementary pollinator-friendly label to be used voluntarily on an EU-wide basis and inspired from the UK RHS model would be the right way forward. It is ironic now that the credit agencies are offering objective ratings for sovereign debt within the eurozone that they have come under sustained criticism from both the Commission and a number of EU governments, including France. Failure to properly assess either the true scale of sovereign debt or the interconnectedness of bank held sovereign debt across Europe and the implications for public finances of bank bailouts were key failures and resulted in a mispricing of risk.

      The proposal brought forward in by the Commission and then shelved, promised a solution that risked jumping from the frying pan into the fire, since EU governments, no less than credit agencies, have a clear interest in disguising or minimising their own levels of debt. For these reasons, the Commission decided not to pursue this idea further. The idea of entrusting monetary authorities, such the Eurosystem, or specific members thereof, has not been put forward as such a concept would raise other important issues, for example regarding the compatibiltiy with the primary objectives of these institutions.

      Could the Commission outline what evidence base it used to classify medical devices such as substance devices as either high risk or low risk in nature? The classification of medical devices is a risk based system based on the vulnerability of the human body taking account of the potential risks associated with the devices. These rules take into account criteria such as the duration of contact with the body, the part of the body concerned, the degree of invasiveness and the type of effect. In the proposed classification system, devices composed of substances or combination of substances intended to be ingested, inhaled or administered rectally or vaginally and which are absorbed by or dispersed in the human body are classified in class III.

      This is due to the level of risk presented by this category of products. The number of restrictions or authorisation requirements under the REACH Regulation is growing and is expected to impact a significant number of substances in the coming years. In most cases, no demonstrated and economical technique exists for removing these additives from the recyclate. If every single recycler would have to ask for authorisation, this would not only be excessively costly but also administratively unmanageable. As a result, many would stop recycling post-consumer waste due to the uncertain legal situation and to liability issues, thereby limiting the options to exportation of waste, incineration or landfill.

      Such an outcome is clearly undesirable, as it would be in opposition with the drive towards a more resource-efficient Europe. Is the Commission planning to propose a solution addressing the concerns of the recycling industry? After all, the difficult economic and employment situation justifies offering plastics recyclers a sustainable future. The provisions of REACH on authorisation and restriction are fully applicable to products, materials or substances once they have left the waste status and been placed back to the market.

      Le proposte della Commissione per la riforma della PAC sono attualmente in fase di negoziazione tra il Parlamento europeo e il Consiglio. Today it has 34 members who manage more than hectares of vines and produce some 15 quintals of grapes. This agricultural cooperative is one of the last few remaining in the region, and its vineyards stretch from Borgo Montello, Borgo Bainsizza and Borgo Santa Maria right down to the sea at Borgo Sabotino and Torre Astura.

      Vines have been grown in this area ever since it was drained in the s; traditional methods trellis and pergola training are used to produce wines from international varieties, including merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah, and local varieties, such as bellone. Production from the latter grape variety is increasing significantly and the wines have been shown at prestigious international fairs.