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Then you should be able to reload.. Strange, I've never had to resort to javaloader for a error. Using the Desktop Manager's application loader has always worked for my org I think using javaloader to perform a wipe should really be the last resort in solving these types of problems I will add a note to my javaloader guide about this tomorrow. I've done this countless number of times and never seen the application loader fail First, thanks to everyone for their quick responses!

I feel I owe the forum a more in-depth explanation of the problem and the resulting solution. Problem: I developed a Midlet which had a large number of 32K data files included for the application. No single datafile in the.

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I downloaded the. I had already tested my application on the BB on a smaller set of files and it worked perfectly. The ONLY difference was adding the extra files into the build. After removing and replacing the battery, it would spin the hourglass 3 times and freeze the hourglass on the 3rd try.

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Then, the red light would come on, and redo the cycle again for times, and then stop trying. Taking out, and replacing the battery restarted the "no win" cycle. Attempted Solution: I tried to do a "javaloader -usb wipe -f -a" on the command line and it returned, "Error: unable to open port".

"JVM 102" appears on the BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry OS version 7.1 and earlier

I got fancy and put this command in a loop in a batch file, hoping that during one of the cycles it would catch the port open. No such luck. Solution: I ran across a post on another thread that suggested running the Desktop Manager, and during the rebooting cycle, clicking on the "Application Loader" icon.

While I was dubious that it could catch the perpetual reboot in time, it did. It immediately recognized that the BB was dead and rebuilt the device. After deleting the version.

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My carrier is ATT now Cingular and it works "perfectly". Details on where and how to upgrade your to 4. Thanks to all of you who participate in this forum. I'm certain you're saving folks hours and a lot of hair : Kind regards, ljb. I have a Blackberry Just bought a new c. The other day I removed the battery for a hard reset on the NOw I have a spinning hourglass for hours.

I can not synch it using desktop manager.

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I can not do anything with it. I want to restore the OS. Any suggestions? In my case, I left my i on the table acapulco on the shade and when i picked it up Any knoledge on this matter? I have the very very same problem.. I had lost hope the the BB would ever reboot again but your solution has aroused the same desire in me again that i'll be able to get it working again.

I request you for a favour, Would you please explain the solution procedure so that I may be able to work out wut to do..

If the Device Backup screen appears, choose whether or not to automatically back up the data on your BlackBerry smartphone. The Completing the Application Wizard screen appears, displaying all the software that will be installed on your BlackBerry smartphone. Click Advanced and make sure that Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications are both selected.

Note: If the application loader tool was not able to access all of the data on your BlackBerry smartphone, then the following two fields are grayed out: Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications. Select Do not automatically create a backup and click Next. Click Finish.

Do not disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone until the process has completed.

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